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correlation between height erection and gains

correlation between height erection and gains

Hi all,

I have wonder if it is a correlation between height erection level and good gains.
For example, how many fast or big gainers have had a height erection level before starting PE. and what is the level now. Oslo what might be the best hanging position, for this height erection level person.

I know the LOT theory is very important but maybe also the erection level can tell us something …..or maybe not.

Just asking and wondering.

Some comments are welcome.



Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “height erection level.” Are you refering to erection angle, how high it points when erect? I so, I have noticed that my erection angle has lowered a little, but not that much. I think I’ve been very fortunate with respect to the amount of newbie gains that I’ve had. My LOT is still about where it was when I started, a little below 9:00.

I’m not sure that erection angle means that much, really.


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Hi again,

Yes I mean height erection angle.

Thanks for your comment.


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