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Constant v/s Punctuated tension

Constant v/s Punctuated tension

On any angles, when hanging, any difference between constant tension throughout whole set or punctuated tension, meaning lifting the weight by hand and essentially reperforming the intitial stretch. I’ve done both and although I’ve yet to see major results, it does at times feel punctuated stretching has a different effect on the process. Taking the load off for two or three seconds and then putting it on the hang again appears to elicit a further stretch or possibly just a retraction/restretch. In some ways, light swinging does this to a certain extant via the angle and therefore specific stress points/areas. Do ligs, tendons, etc have a type of emergency or trauma reation at high stress levels and somehow tighten to a critical point under a specific, constant load? If so, does this change in load have any effect on the process, mainly in creating the micro-trauma in the fibers? I realize this is a strange Q, but it’s hard to really analogize this area of the body with other more commonly studied areas of fitness/exercise. I actually could theoretically see it working either way. All speculation and wisdom welcomed and appreciated. Thanx, groa.

Constant v/s Punctuated tension


Now you’re talking. The fibers that you most want to affect in PE, ligs, tunica etc, are what I think of as dumb tissue. IOW, they are made up of generally tough proteins that are resistant to change with very little circulation and nerves. The exception is the elastin fibers that serve to retract the penis in the flaccid state. However, with any stretching or hanging program, no real progress can be made unless you stress well past the bounds of these elastin fibers. Not that they cannot stretch, but the real advancement in EL only comes when you stress the tougher collagen fibers.

I truly do not believe there is any reaction by these fibers to punctuated stresses. You cannot surprise them. However, g forces do come into play when releasing the weight. Or bouncing the weight up and down, or swinging side to side. IOW, you are simply adding more weight on a punctuated basis on the down stroke. This added stress can be considerable. Think of the old hammer and nail. Start a nail, then push down as hard as you can with the head of the hammer. Nothing happens. But strike the nail with medium force, and it goes in. Ain’t physics wonderful.

The lesser stress on the up stroke is irrelevant. What is relevant is the amount of total stress on the down stroke which can be capable of breaking through LFs. Of course, the more weight used, the greater the g force at the bottom of the stroke. Therefore, the greater the weight, the more careful you should be.

Now how does it apply to PE? Well, you have to go back to the old limiting factors. Just like a rope or wire bundle or practically anything else, the penis has fibers, each of which has it’s own load factor, and therefore it’s own level of failure. A stress level that causes it to stretch or break. The key in PE is to stress these fibers in an orderly fashion to control the process and achieve gains. Sometimes, with these punctuated stresses, the g forces will be enough added stress to break through limiting factors.

Before I reached a good hanger design that would allow for some circulation, I experimented with a rig, which would lift the weight and let it down on a constant basis. Kind of like an oil pumper. Up and down. I found the slight g forces of this caused an added stress on the down stroke. Then, I thought, “you lazy bastard”, you can do almost the exact same thing with your pelvis. Working it back and forth pulling the weight back against either gravity, or the friction of the skids on the chair, or a pulley or whatever. An added benefit is the lower ab work.


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