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Constant bruising

Constant bruising

I don’t know how some hangers can do it.
Hours a day of hanging. I have getting bruising on my under skin right by gland for months. I basically work through it and keep going, which worries me, but not too much.
I use 12.5 pounds now after four months or so of hanging, and feel like I’ve gained a good half inch from about 5.5 to 6 (original measurments never done, so this is just by sight). I want to keep going and be a major hanger, and acheive at least a good 7 (maybe 8) inches, but it’s tough to get a good hang and not beat my dick up. I do only about average 40 minutes or so real SD hanging time day.
I even cut down on jelqing and clamping to maybe two times week, just to stay the same but not blow up bigger than 5 inches girth, so the length will come easier, but using the bib hanger it still seems tough. I read someone say that once you start bruising in an area, you will always rebruise etc. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it spells bad news for me.
Any vets got any advice about ways to hang that are less tough on them? Maybe I use too much weight for too little time (usually only about ten to fifteen minutes at a time is all my dick can take), but that’s always how I am with weights in general. I wonder should I drop down in weight for the longer haul after reconditioning?

Also, can anyone explain to me BTC in a way that makes sense? I looked it up, and and still not sure (no diagram ever found)…

I would drop back in weight and do longer sets and more sets. Try 10 lbs 3-20 min sets and see if you reach fatique. If not, add another set but don’t go up in weight. Ideally you should start with a weight and have to back off the weight in your last set because of fatique.

SD hanging is standing and hanging ofcourse.
BTC is laying down with your legs up level with your body and the hanger hangs down pulling more on the ligs. I lay on the edge of the bed on my back with my feet up on a dresser or a chair.

Hope this helps

aha… thanks for the understanding about the BTC. Now it makes more sense.

Also thanks about the weights, maybe less IS more, but I always hear differing things about weights and hanging.

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