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Considering Long term damage


Considering Long term damage

I’ve just been thinking about how this is going to affect me after I’m done PEing. Everytime i hang(w/ a wench), I get some amount of numbness and discolouration. It doesn’t stay for a long time like a week but I can’t help but think that it isn’t just nothing, my dick is turning purple for a reason, it’s had it’s circulation cut off. What kind of long term effects will this have on me?

Exactly how much discolouration and numbness is ok?

You should either alter your method of using the wench or quit it for a while and do manual stretching and jelqing to get your cock in condition to do more advanced techniques.

You should have minimal discoloration and zero numbness.

As gprent said, some discolouration but no numbness.

The contributing factor to numbness is undue pressure at the wrong points on your dick. Adjust your wrap, your clamp, position on your shaft at which you clamp. Experiment with these things and weight of course untill you can hang without any numbness.

hmm i get numbness and a purple head too but only for 5 - 10 min after a hanging session then my penis return to normal color and sensitiveness.. i to wonder if it is ok?? i think that it would be hard to avoid it completely??


I really don’t think *any* numbness is okay. It means you are getting nerve damage, I believe. Temporary mild coldness or purpleness is probably okay, as long as it goes away when you remove the hanger.

What hanger are you using? Is it putting any pressure on top, behind the head? Is it tightened sufficiently?

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hmm I’m not using any hanger i just wrap and use a string loop.. “numbness” its kinda a gray area it don’t get completely numb but somewhere in between its quite difficult for me to hang sins my penis head’s “neck” is so low in the middle :( … shit gotta take my dog for a walk befor work..

My opinion is that isolated incidents of numbness are not so bad. However, repeated numbness may cause it to be a chronic condition for yourself.

That is wholly undesirable. If however, 1 set out of ten you get a little numbness, then it could just be your settings

With a hanger like the Bib, it is possible for anyone (it would seem) to hang safely as the range of settings are so huge.


Stop what you are doing!

What you are doing is incredibly dangerous. If you value the use of your penis, you will make yourself a decent hanger. You could start with the Captain’s Wench, but ideally the Bib is the best option (although initially it is hard to part with the money, you will never look back).

MaxiumumGayne, I use a wench as well and have NEVER experienced ANY numbness. I have experienced a mildly cold head during the set but never numbness and have never seen any discolouration (but I’m black so I never have anyway,lol).

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.


If you value your penis, quit with the loop.



I will join the choir and recommend you lay off hanging - a numb glans is a warning sign of damage being done.

It should be cleared up that circulation problems and sensitivity issues are two separate matters: Desensitizing the glans results from nerve damage. Tissue death is the worst case scenario of shutting down circulation for an extended period of time (no fresh oxygen for appx 20-30 minutes). With tissue damage you will likely notice - through visual warning signs - that damage is being done before ever arriving at that point. And if you are keeping sets to below 20 minutes you will avoid permanent damage. Unlike nerve damage, tissue death is not something that can “accumulate”. As long as fresh blood arrives in time, tissue survives.

Nerve damage is much more elusive than tissue damage but the body tends to send warning signs before any serious damage is done (numbness). Nerve’s are very good at repairing themselves - but it is not something to be taken lightly.

Your body is sending you a signal Max: Lay off. Give your unit at least a two week break. A complete rest.

During that time:

1. Consider what it is you are doing with the Wench that is causing both these circulation and numbness issues. Neither of these things should be occurring if you are using it properly.
Are you using all of the right materials? If not, are you using the right alternative materials? Are you attaching the device and/or the clamp properly? Are you feeling an inordinate amount of pressure at the top of the shaft? Are you hanging too much weight too soon? Do you feel pain at your current weight?
Also think about your wrap and what role this might be playing.

2. Consider a different hanger. There are enough homebrew options here at TP that it shouldn’t be too hard to cheaply construct a few and try them out. You might first consider a strictly lateral compression hanger such as ChickenChokers CCH3, Piets Hanger, or Tom Hubbards AFB. You can also purchase a CCH3 if you find it too hard to construct.
If these hangers don’t work for you and you can afford it, I recommend buying a Bib.

A hanger that works for one guy, might not for the next. You have to find the device that best suits your temperment and personal physiology - and the Wench might not be the one for you.
I am also becoming convinced that some guys shouldn’t hang, period.


:( But Bib I can’t get anything else to stick tried the swimcap fell off, tried alot of home built hangers all fell off, you see my head’s neck is so small. I’m only hanging 5,5 lbs anything above that is to uncomfortable


Try jelqing for a while before you apply the hanger - Homemade BIB would be my recommendation.. This will give you a bit of a pump - even after you squeeze the blood from the head in order to put on the hanger.

Also make sure the hanger is as tight as you can stand it, this should help…

See Ya,



Try this: Wrap for head enlargement before you attempt to hang. Just wrap as you normally would, or as in the tutorial, but on the last pass of the wrap, make it tight enough to swell the head. Then, apply heat before you begin hanging for 10-30 minutes. Then, when you get ready to hang, loosen the last wrap to normal hanging tightness (where you are able to piss). This should do wonders for the grasping ability of the upper shaft.

Then, when you are through with your hanging session, retighten the last wrap to where the head will swell. You can leave this wrap on as a traction wrap, and head enlarger for hours if you moniter the color and temp of the head.

There are several good threads on this topic within this section.


Thanks Bib I’ll try that and i think i should look for some wrapping material the stuff i use now is a bit rough and kinda sting after 20 min of hanging

Hey, great tip Bib, ingenious. This has really helped my comfort in hanging, thanks.

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