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Considering Hanging BUT.

Considering Hanging BUT.

Hi Guys,

Have been PEing for a 6 months now, and I am currently doing 5 days with 2 days off with some good results in both Girth and Length, mainly Girth however. I am now contemplating “Hanging” to solve the Length issue, but have a question..

Do I replace my entire routine with just “Hanging”, and will “Hanging” assist with further gains in Girth, or do I just replace the streching exercises with “Hanging” and continue with my Girth routine. I am a little worried/confused, as alot of what I have been reading about “Hanging” refers to achieving a point of fatigue, which in my mind means that the “old fella” won’t have the “juice” to handle my Girth routine..

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated..


You may want to stretch in addition to hanging if you want to hit different angles.
Imo, there is no reason not to hang, stretch, clamp, pump, do manual girth exercises all together unless you don’t have enough time and your unit cannot take it. :)

You can combine girth exercises and hanging, but be prepared to spend a lot of time on PE.

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Thanks for the quick reply.Sorry about posting in the Newbie forum, but that was the only place I could seeing I am a new member..

As for time, we’ll I’ll find the time if I want the results..

Thanks again..


I would not change anything if you are seeing gains. The gains will stop at some point and that is the time to start something different.

I would take a look at your two days off a week. That is close to enough time for your ligs to heal and stop your progression. You want to keep those idle periods as small as possible to prevent complete healing or at least strenghtening. So instead of a loss of gains what you might be seeing is a plateau that would be tougher to overcome.

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Would it then be recomended that a “2 days on/1 day rest” routine be more appropriate to achieve and maintain growth, and thus avoid the “plateau” you refer to.

Also if I maintain my existing workout, do I:

1) Replace my “stretch exercices” with hanging.
2) Do my “Hanging Routine” prior to/or after my “Girth Routine”.

My confusion is in doing “Hanging” prior to girth exercises, will the fatigue issue, associated with hanging, have any negative effects on maximising girth gains, while starting with my “Girth Routine”, which obviously pumps up “the old fella” for quite some time, as is my case, prevent me from hanging as it requires “the old fella” to be limp..

Just want to make sure so I don’t make any errors and fall into a plateau or worse still, go backwards, in the shape of an injury..


If what you are doing is working don’t mess with it.

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