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Confused with wrapping techniques for BIB....

Confused with wrapping techniques for BIB....

I got a BIB starter recently and I must say it’s a very sexy looking device. I am confused about wrapping though. I wrap with theraband 16” by 1.5” strip as in the tutorial, grabbing the glans and pulling out while wrapping and applying the hanger. The thing is I have allot of extra skin and I find it hard to pull out penis, hold back skin and wrap at the same time as I only have two hands! So I usually miss out rolling back the skin as applying wrap as the skin is not covering glans, and thats the most taut I can get it. When I’m hanging the skin often comes over my glans a little and I can’t really stop this. Has anyone any tips to minimise skin stretch during hanging?

Also since I recieved my hanger I have not made any fine adjustments, i’m yet to understand this toe in, toe out business, is this ok? Anyway when I hang Im just feel it in the ligaments and the skin (: s) so assume it’s ok, just pain around the glans I should look out for right?

Advice is appreciated. Thanks.

I’d take a look at the stickys on this board again, like ” Most Important Hanging Threads”.

They cover most of this stuff.

Skin stretch is part of the deal.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having the foreskin covering the glans while hanging. It is perfectly fine, provided the glans are not in direct contact with the hanger and taking any of the stress.

As UD said, skin stretch is part of the deal. If you have insufficient skin, then this will be your first limiting factor and needs to be overcome.
I also hung with the setting straight “out of the box”. If you find it comfortable with the setting when you got it, there is not need to change them.
You may want to play with the toe in/out as you increase the weight.

Thanks for your replies guys :) . I’ve been reading the hanging threads as recommended. Can’t find anything on how to make combined wrap like used in the hanging tutorial. Is this the best to use? I just use thera at the moment and it seems pretty good. If you do bond thera to a material what material is best? bandaging, tshirt material?

I used t-shirt material under the Theraband when I used the two part wrap. I put them together with 2 inch wide packing tape I borrowed from my shipping department at work. I usually just used the theraband though as the most I got out of the t-shirt under-wrap was the theraband didn’t stick to my skin when I pulled everything off which didn’t really bother me.

If you are using any kind of cotton wrap underneath the theraband, then try this—when you are finished wrapping, pull down on the scrotum skin and you will pull the skin out from under the wrap until the glands starts to just be pulled down a bit. Voila, the skin is no longer bunched out past the wrap. You will still get some bunching to cushion the glands as the weight is applied. Remember to squeeze the blood out of the glands before tightening the hanger to prevent any bleeding from the head as some have experienced.

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