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Confused about the angles

Confused about the angles

BTC - Between The Cheeks
OTL - Over The Leg
OTS - Over The Shoulder
SD - Straight-Down
SO - Straight-Out
SU - Straight-Up

Are there any illustrations of those? I really can’t figure them out.

You are probably better off not trying to figure them out, just hang, baby….the angle is of little consequence.

BTC- sit down on a chair with your feet up on a computer desk or table, Looks like your going to delivery a baby :) anyway the hanger should be hanging between your ass cheeks straight down. You will know it’s right if your fat pad looks like a wee muff.

OTL- Don’t know haven’t done it.

OTS- You’ll need the weight on a longer rope/chain and basically just rest the rope/chain over your shoulder.

SD- stand up or sit right on the edge of a chair with your feet on the ground and that it’s, it hangs. I sometimes walk about like this in the house, so the dish’s and things.

SO-Bit tricky, some people set up a pulley system, if you look at the below link but on a smaller scale and lowered down. Sit on a chair with the pulley attached to the underside of your desk or chair and sit back, it will pull straight if at the right height.

Su- OTS for me again.

Don’t know if that helps but might give you a better idea?

Thank you kimc, now its all clear.

I always hang SD. Yet bib says BTC is the most effective one. I should give it a go or SD would still do the job?

BTC stretches everything up front in ways other positions can’t. Whether it wil pay off in gains depends on what is constraining your existing length.

You’ll probably have to ease into it because BTC requires the most skin slack of all hanging positions. You may have to spend some time developing enough skin slack to apply a good amount of tension to the internals.

I do both, BTC and SD but BTC is the daddy. I hang straight down for 30 mins here and there if I’m doing things were I will need to get up. I hang BTC while watching movies/shows and the time flys by. As Hobby said you might have to ease into it.

Just hang down until your gains dry up

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Ok guys thank you very much for the info. I guess it would be wise to stick with SD for a more while and then I can check BTC. Thank you again.

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