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Conditioning for using the Vacuhanger

Conditioning for using the Vacuhanger

I’m trying out the vacuhanger and as expected, am running into the standard fluid buildup at the tip. Even with the constriction sleeve. (at four pounds weight, four to six 10 minute sessions)

Monkeybar’s response is conditioning is required to overcome this. My question is to those who have overcome this issue just how did you do it? did it take weeks, months? Or did you resort to wrapping the tip in cloth, etc?

Try using a bandage under the constriction sleeve. It helped me. Not sure that it’s possible to get conditioned to the extent that you no longer get fluid build up

I have found that no matter what I try the constriction sleeve just doesn’t seem to work out for me.

Can anyone tell me what the highest weight they have been able to do for 30m without having to worry too much about blisters is? Right now I’m at about 7lbs and if I go a little past 30m a start to develop a blister.

Fluid buildup seems to be a personal thing; you will always experience it, but getting used to it slowly seems to be of help to avoid blisters.

regards, mgus

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I use medical tape to wrap my penis. I’ve gone over 3 hours at a stretch at 12.5# with no blisters. The constriction sleeve is not effective, IMO, at preventing blisters. The trick is to limit the length of the glans. Wrap with tape so that the glans cannot expand lengthwise, and you’ll prevent blisters.

BTW, I wrap my glans first with toilet paper or non-sticky wrap, so the medical tape doesn’t stick to the glans—only to the shaft just below the glans. The tape is a pain to use, but it works like a charm in preventing blisters.

The technique uses three 6” strips of tape. One goes over the top in the 12-6 o’clock direction; one goes over the top in the 9-3 o’clock direction, and one goes completely around the “neck” of the penis just below the glans.

After a few hours of hanging, my glans often looks dimpled and discolored from the wrap, but that clears up after a few minutes.

If I get back into hanging, I may try to find a more convenient wrapping technique. Maybe you can try something new for yourself.

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
I use medical tape to wrap my penis. I’ve gone over 3 hours at a stretch at 12.5# with no blisters.


Has that routine produced gains?

Sometimes I use constriction sleeves and sometimes put my naked head in the cylinder. I think the constriction sleeves make it more comfortable, and less likely to pinch on the edge of the cylinder, but might not improve fluid build up that much.

I get fluid build up and puffiness, but not usually blisters. It usually goes away within an hour, and doesn’t hurt, so I don’t worry about it. I figure if I try to use tape or other more complicated methods, I will end up using my extender less often, so I try to keep it simple.

I hang with 6 pounds, for up to an hour, or use my extender for usually 1 to 2 hours between breaks (or whenever I have to pee).

Horny Bastard

Has anyone tried putting a small foam cylinder at the tip? I used to do that with my Grip system weight hanging sleeves.

The theory is that if you compress the foam as you roll on the sleeve, the gas in the foam bubbles should expand in the vacuum and maintain a comfortable pressure at the tip of your glans. You can make the cylinder with a pair of scissors and a make-up sponge.

I am still slowly conditioning my glans but I still can’t wear the vacextender attachment for more than 2 hours without discomfort.

That sounds like a good idea. Have you tried other kinds of foam? I was picturing something more dense than a make up sponge.

Horny Bastard

There is fluid buildup and then there is enough fluid pressure to cause a blister. In my humble opinion, although nobody else seems to agree with me, you need to insert your unit into the vac-hanger so that there is no air left in the cylinder. Then the glans is up against the walls of the cylinder and blisters are much less likely — for me anyway. To accomplish this, I moisten the inside of the cylinder, ever so slightly, and insert as far as I can go. If air gets trapped on the underside of the glans, away from the air-hole, I use a Q-tip (with some of the cotton removed) to push the glans down and let the air escape.

This may not do it for everyone, but I’m convinced it makes a difference for me.

Originally Posted by Tivase


Has that routine produced gains?

It helped me to recover some lost gains. About 2 weeks after starting this routine, jerrykjohsons and maykem each posted compelling threads suggesting that gains could be made with low weight, long duration hanging. I stopped my 12.5# sets in hopes of gaining with very light weight instead, but the gains never came.

Summary: I didn’t gain, and it’s inconclusive whether I would have gained or not with the 12.5# routine.

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Originally Posted by mogro

In my humble opinion, although nobody else seems to agree with me, you need to insert your unit into the vac-hanger so that there is no air left in the cylinder.

I agree with you, and so does monkeybar, as he explains this on the autoextender web site. Having pressure against the end of your dick is the key.

I never tried wetting the cylinder because I thought that would make it slippery and more likely to come lose. Interesting idea about the Q tip.

Horny Bastard

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