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Compensating for conditions that reduce total pull of weight

Compensating for conditions that reduce total pull of weight

When you are hanging straight down you are getting the maximum pull that gravity will allow, but when you are using a pulley or hanging the line over the edge of a chair you are losing a little bit of that pull. Do those who hang this way add extra weight in order to get the same tension they would if they were hanging straight down?

Nobody? I imagine this is a pretty common aspect of hanging. ???

I’m new to hanging with a pulley myself, I know what your saying about losing some of the pull because I was thinking the same.

That’s not much a matter of gravity, it’s the mechanical advantage the pulley provides.

You shouldn’t just use the same weight you use for SD for SO with a pulley. A part of the tension from hanging will be on the skin, at higher angles the tension on your skin will be lower because there’s more slack in the skin at higher angles. You have to start with low weight and see with how much weight you get a good stretch.

I’m following the sample hanging routine and am using Monkeybar’s VacADS attatchment. I’m on the 2nd month, using 8lbs (did 5lbs the first month with 2 20 minute sets) and doing 3 sets of 20 minutes a day for 5 days straight, then two off. I take 10 minutes off between sets where I use the heated rice sock, also I’m heating 10 minutes before I start. I’m taking things easy but I can’t say I’m getting real intense fatigue that I can feel the next day, but after the sets I feel it. This is the fourth week of this weight and I’ll bump it up two pounds next week. I’ve been hanging straight down for every set so I figured it was time to experiment with some different angles. Other than that I jelq after the hanging for 20 minutes.

Narco, what have your gains been each these past two months?

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