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Comfortable Hanging Positions

Comfortable Hanging Positions

Yeah, I’ve been going crazy lately, trying to find a very comfortable position to stretch my ligs. So far the only one I can do that effective stretches my ligs, is a SD position where I lift my knees up to lower the angle. If I just do a regular SD, don’t feel as much as a pull.

Also, when I do BTC, it’s very uncomfortable. The hanger is always below my butt, so it’s like I’m sitting on it. Just frustrating. Wondering if anybody has tried anything different.

Try laying on the side of your bed. Start with your feet on the floor then progress to propping them up on something like a chair or something.

Hope this helps

Yeah, I may try that. What I’m doing now is lying on my left side and hanging BTC with the weight (with strap attached) is parallel to my back. It’s not bad and I can relax better.

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