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Cold Head

Cold Head

Everyone keeps going on about this so i thought i’d better ask -

Whenever i hang i ALWAYS get a cold head. I always keep a very careful check on sensitivity and make sure it isn’t numb which it normally never is (if it does start to lose sensitivity i stop- which has only ever happened once). This is within a 15 - 20 minute hang session.

Is this a bad thing or should i pay more attention to sensitivity?

Cheers again,

See Ya,


BigJ, is the head too cold, or is it just a little colder than the shaft? In my experience I always get my head a little colder than the shaft, but it’s just a few degrees. Of course if it’s too much it indicates bad hanger placement, hanger too tight (which only happens with the old hangers because with Bib’s it seems that it gets better the tighter it is), etc. Since you mention that you check carefuly the sensitivity of the head, and you don’t notice any decrease, that it’s perfectly normal, IMHO. I always slap the head a little to see if it still has life in there :)

Hope this helps,



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