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Cold foreskin?

Cold foreskin?

I’ve noticed since I’ve started hanging towards the end of my 20 minute set my foreskin does start to feel cold, although the head isn’t actually cold.

I can see no fault in my technique, thus, I wonder, is going slightly cold at the foreskin at the end of a set normal or is it a potential problem?

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Don’t worry about it, not a problem, as long as the glans still has some circulation and you’re not experiencing numbness. Good you’re being careful though ;)

Hey, you’re doing better than I am. My head gets cold and there is even some discoloration on the tip of my glans that I have to shake away after most sets.

I am cut so I cannot speak on foreskin, but my glans does get cool from time to time as well. Particular during my last set, when sensitivity is decreased and I get my hanger or wrap too tight. As long as you don’t go blue, and cold , you should be alright. Just be sure you monitor both color and temperature during your set. After the set, a quick jelq should restore color and temperature fairly quickly.

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