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Cold dark head

Cold dark head

I’ve been hanging for about a week. I’ve read all the 101 stuff and Bib’s stuff. Watched the videos. I don’t wrap too tight, but I stll get a cold dark head after 15 minutes. I’m only hanging 7 1/2 lbs. Is my hanger too tight? Should it only be tight enough so that the weight doesn’t slip off?

Wow I started a thread called the same thing. Guess you didn’t search before posting. Do some light jelq/manual clamps in between sets. Not to much or a lot of blood will stay in your dick for your next set. Try a 15 min break with heat on your member during the break. Wrap tighter or more loose. Attach the hanger higher up. As long as your head doesn’t bruise to bad the next day your fine. A cold dark head is kinda normal but very scary to look at. Keep hanging your dick will get use to it. Just try different things. I have gained an inch in a short time and was very discouraged at first. Didn’t see any gains till a hit 10 lbs and I still get a cold dark head. 10 total hours a week one rest day. Do some jelqs at the end of your set and try one or two sets of cable clamps. The one set of clamping might be the best way to prevent bruising the next day. Hope I helped there are a few threads on this subject already so I don’t know how many will chime in. Hang strong and hang long.

Oh yea try not to “punch the clown” to much during the week as your dick will not have good blood flow after a few hanging sets.

Awesome, very helpful and a “no way dude” on the thread name.

Well I’ll be. There it is. Cold Dark Head, good name for a band.

I tried experimenting and wrapped a little tighter tonight and by the third set I was very happy with the results. A little dark and cool but not like before. Much more comfortable as well. I could see hanging ten in a week no problem now. Thanks man. That thread was informative too. Feels f’n good to have solid hope again.

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