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Cold, Dark Head?

Question for the hangers. Bib 101 hanging says cold/dark=bad. Well I’ve been hanging for 3 months and I always get cold/dark when I take the wrap off. I’ve worked up to 10 lbs. I don’t get numbness or brusing to bad, no bloodspoting either. All I do is a little jelqing and manual clamps for about 5 min in between sets. Wondering if this is common for the head to get cold and dark. I really don’t see how it can’t get a little cold and dark after basically cuting of circulation for 15-20 min.

It’s a matter of degree. Slightly cooler and darker is normal by the end of a set. It should regain normal color quickly after ending the set. What you are describing sounds normal to me as long as the darkening isn’t excessive.

If it turns a real dark purplish blue, or heaven forbid, white, something is wrong. In that case the wrap may be too tight, sets too long, or perhaps the hanger isn’t attached properly and is riding on the head. Or some combination.

Hey thal and hobby .for me also same things happened as thal.and another thing today I am feeling on the second day of hanging is I am feeling cold in my penis though there no such discolouration or pain.just cold chill is this .

If the coldness persists longer than a few minutes you are doing something wrong.

It is normal for you to feel a little cold, but once you massage it, shake it out, and kegel a few times it should regain it’s normal temperature. You then need to give yourself 15 minutes or so, before starting another set. Don’t rush to get to the next set.

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Since posting this I have found that you must unwrap after each hang and do some light dry jelq or manual clamps. Atleast get a bit of blood flowing, watch some quick porn or something. Blood needs to get back to the head to prevent injury to the head. Atleast for me anyway.

Make sure you get as much blood out of the glands as possible. If the glands turns dark purple after about 10 min, that means too much blood. Just dark is normal in 20 min.

The wrap being too tight will also do this. I never undo my wrap between sets.

I undo the wrap because otherwise it’s hard for me to get blood flowing. If I don’t get a little blood back in my dick I get discoloration for many hours after my sets. Which is really bad and whatever I do to avoid discoloration is a good thing. I don’t let my dick turtle though I keep doing light manual streches during my break which I found has to be 15min instead of 10. I think the main thing about hanging is to get that soreness in the ligs and avoid discoloration.

Sounds like you may be wrapping too tight.

Yes I agree. If when you release the pressure on your hanger and the color does not return naturally then your wrap is too tight to begin with. Let the hanger do the gripping just contain the skin with your wrap. Of course too loose and everything will start slipping around.

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