Choose a good device


I need an help for choose a device for length of my penis.

I’m 19 cm BPEL and 14 EG.

I don’t want to stop all hand exercises

I would know if is good one of this Devices: autoextender jes plus modification vac4, or vac3 hangher.

Now I think that the gains are stopper with the newbie routine. I’m started newbie routine at may 2015, I gained 3,5 cm of lenght. Now I’m not interessed to EG.

I can make my routine during the night.

I help too make order because I’ve problem of refraction of the penis in flaccid state.

My flaccid penis is ( in relaxed state) 13 cm lenght, 3,8 cm long of coronal side, and 3,2 cm under coronal glad.

For the order of vac3 hangher I need to know what can I buy. For exemple the sleeves small or large? Soft or hard? Similar for the cone ring. The cap I need small or medium?

For the jes extender vac4 modified I need all that you can teach and similar question for the hangher.

Or you can say me what a different device I can buy, like a bib hangher starter or other device .Or other device for extender penis. The penimaster pro is to expensive for me now.


Iniziato il 25/05/2015. BPEL 15,5 cm - EG 14 cm. Agosto 2015 BPEL 17,5 cm, EG 14 cm. 27/1/16 BPEL 19 cm.