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Cheap, simple hanger


Cheap, simple hanger

As the title says, I made a cheap, simple hanger from materials I bought at Home Depot that seems to be pretty seaworthy so far. I tested it yesterday and today with five pounds for ten minutes at a time. It was very comfortable and, judging from the nice stretch it gave my ligs, seems to be pretty effective.

Here’s all it is:

One 1 ½ inch diameter PVC sleeve coupling: the gray kind used for electrical conduit. The outside diameter of the coupling is actually about 2.25 inches, the inside dimension is about 1.87, but the inside tapers to whatever size the outside of a 1 ½ inch PVC conduit is. (Like this:…-Couplings.html)

Two 1 ¼ inch two hole steel straps: the U shaped thingies used to hold pipe onto walls and rafters. (Like this:…teel-Strap.html)

Two ¼ X 2 ½ inch steel eyebolts

Two 1/4 inch wing nuts

Padding: I’m using closed cell foam pipe insulation. The piece I have doesn’t have writing on it, but it measures 1 ½ inside diameter with 3/8ths inch walls. I’m test driving other materials.

And here’s all it takes to make it:

Take the steel straps and wrap them perpendicularly around the middle of the coupling. Bend and pound on them until they are spread out and as flush with the coupling as possible. (The 1 ¼ inch straps wrap just about half way around the 1 ½ inch coupling. If you make a larger one using 2 inch coupling, the 1 ½ inch straps seem to be the ticket.)

Glue the straps to the coupling. I used some pretty intense epoxy – the kind that comes in two syringes and can hold 4,000 pounds. To set it firmly, I screwed the two straps together using the eye bolts, and then also clamped the whole thing together. It isn’t moving.

Once the straps are firmly affixed onto the coupling, spread the wings or tines or whatever they are apart slightly so a saw blade can fit between them.

Cut the coupling in half lengthwise down the middle, so that you have two half circles of coupling with steel straps attached. I used a hacksaw.

Cut two pieces of padding to size so that each fits snugly around the inside of each half circle. I will eventually epoxy whatever padding I settle on. For now, there’s a ridge inside the coupling that helps the padding stay put.

Wrap your dick.

Put the two pieces of padded, strapped coupling on your dick. Put the eyebolts through the holes in the steel straps and use the wing nuts to tighten as far as you can.

Load on some weight, using the eye bolts as anchors for the weight strap. I put the eyebolts in so they’re on top and the wing nuts are on the bottom.

I’ve been filing down the edges and corners. One corner was digging into my scrotum last night, but I don’t feel it since I rounded it off. I wish I had a Dremel tool so I could get fancy.

Anyway, that’s it. I don’t have much design or mechanical acumen so I encourage others with more skill than me to take the concept and improve on it. I’ve put this on a broom handle and tested 20 pounds it so far, and it looked like it could take more, but that may be one place to improve the basic design. One issue is the placement of the eyebolts: when it’s tightened down the eyebolts are on top and roughly even with the top of the sleeve, so the weight is pulling more at the top of the device than the bottom. I’d like to find something that would create a more balanced tug.

Here are pictures of a finished product and the separate components. I’m using the thinner padding right now, but I’m working on a version using a 2 inch diameter coupling where I’ll use that commercial-grade pipe insulation that’s on the right side of the picture. (Sorry about the quality. I just have a Polaroid.)

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And here are the components, with the completed hanger there again too.

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Cool looking hanger. What are you talking about, you seem to have all the engineering skill necessary.

How is the pressure on the top on the shaft, or do the two halves stay quite far apart when it is attached?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

“Simple” feats like this make me feel like quite the simpleton. Damn the public schools for cutting the ol’ manly shop classes I read about in accounts of the 1950s…

Well done, Ike.

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

>Damn the public schools

Had to check your location to work out what that meant*. Maybe westla has a point.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

With a wrapped penis and using the 3/8ths inch thick padding I’m using now, I can tighten the two halves down to where they almost meet. I over-cut the padding slightly so the last quarter inch of space is all padding — that way it seems to smoosh inward and grip the sides of my penis better. The pressure seems to be fairly even top, bottom and all around, and my glans look relatively healthy after ten minutes. I need to see what happens after 15 or 20 minutes, but I’m a newbie at this hanging stuff.

I got kicked out of high school at 16, and was in alternative classes for the few years before that, so I didn’t have any shop either. Often wish I did, particularly woodworking. But I guess I’m sort of doing that here.

Damn the public jails, I mean schools

>Damn the public schools for cutting the ol’ manly shop classes I read about in accounts of the 1950s…

In the early ‘80’s we had shop class, with nice tools that were 20+ (big emphasis on the +) years old, and an ancient, crotchety teacher who knew how to use them all. It was the last of a dying age. However, this was also during the transition to unisex education: boys had to take Home Economics, which meant cooking, sewing and such. Fine by me. Hell, I like to make things, and I like to eat. Might as well learn how to do it all. Too bad more focus wasn’t placed on such practical matters.

I’m jealous, Hobby. I think bringing back things like Home Ec and Shop (for boys and girls) would be worthwhile, even if it means cutting into a bit of academic time. People often bemoan Americans’ ignorance of historical trivia, among other things, but frankly, I wonder why such matters should matter to most folks’ day-to-day lives. I mean, our productivity as a nation shows no signs of dropping, nor is the global leadership of our universities’ research endangered, so what’s the big deal? One could even make the crazy argument that the lack of a proper culinary-arts education is going to wreak damage on the future economy, as today’s youths try to subsist throughout adulthood on nothing but ramen and KFC, fueling early heart attacks and terrible flatulence. I’d trade in some of my organic chem lessons for a little handy know-how any day…

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

An update:

I think I need to get shorter eyebolts. Yesterday I was hanging BTC with the contraption. It was very comfortable when I was sitting on the edge of the chair and hanging straight down; but, when I leaned back so it was more BTC, the ends of the bolts dug into my ass cheeks. It wasn’t a big deal, but I’m going to try shorter bolts. They’re cheap, so if someone else makes one of these it may be good to buy a few different sizes and see what works.

Otherwise, when I use Ace bandage as the underwrap and then wrap a strip of Theraband around that, the hanger is very comfortable. I hung 5 pounds for 15 minutes at a time twice yesterday and the head of my dick didn’t get cold or purple. I know that’s partly a function of the low weight, but the point is the hanger wasn’t too constrictive and stayed put.

And, I wish I had more handy know-how too. If, or when, civilization collapses, I don’t think I’ll be able to barter my current desk-and-phone-bound skill set for enough food to feed my family. I’ve been a chef, grocery clerk, sprinkler system installer, landscaper, fish packing plant slave and a few other things, so at least I’m good with a shovel and I know how to boil 300 pounds of crab at a time. But civilization may not collapse for a while, and right now I just wish I knew enough carpentry to remodel my basement.

Ike can you post a full, point by point list of the items you used/bought.

I got

One: 1 1/2 in. diameter PVC sleeve coupling: gray electrical conduit
Two: 1 1/2 in. two hole steel straps:
Two: 1/4 in. x 2 1/2 in. steel eyebolts
Two: 1/2 in. wingnuts

Ive never really constructed much in my entire life - a full itemized list would be wonderful! =]

Thanks in advance - I got my list written up and will be visiting Home Depot tommorow, is there anything else I need to buy that I might not have at home.

This sounds good ,but maybe the experts can tell us what the

difference is between hanging and stretching.

I found that by screwing a cup hook in the middle of my desk at the

bottom, then attaching a rubber tube to the hook.

I then wrap and tie a string with loops to the wrap.

You stretch the tube and hook it in one of the loops to get a nice tight


This gives me the same feeling as hanging. Sitting behind your desk

nobody can see anything, and you can leave it on as long as you like.

Reality, I just wrote a longer reply and then the screen self-refreshed. I hate that. Anyway, you need padding. I prefer soft foam pipe insulation. There’s a few thicknesses in the plumbing section. Spread out the end of piece of it and imagine how it will fit inside the half circle made by the electrical conduit.

I should tell you I eventually gravitated to the Captn’s Wench. This design makes a comfortable hanger, but the Wench was just more convenient. I’d write more, but I’ll probably lose it if I don’t click Post Reply right now…

What do you have hanging off those steel eyebolts in the picture, what are they called? The things the string/twine is attached too


I was nervous before going to Home Depot today in fear of total embarrasment, but I gathered up the courage and went; this is what I got. I got x2 of everything just incase my first try messes up.

x2 One: 1 1/2 in. diameter PVC sleeve coupling: gray electrical conduit
x2 Two: 1 1/2 in. two hole steel straps:
x2 Two: 1/4 in. x 2 1/2 in. steel eyebolts
x2 Two: 1/2 in. wingnuts

230 ft Mason Twine [I know its excessive, but it looked like the perfect thickness]

I couldnt find EPoxy, so I got the Super Glue by Pacer Technology [4 pack]

And about 6 feet of Soft Foam Insulation [I got alot to waste =D]

I also purchased a ruler for remeasurements. [I used measuring tape originally…lol]

So far I see two problems:

The Gray PVC Coupling is gonna require some fine cutting its got a line midway inside [slip PvC, couldnt find anything better]

What do I use for weight??? and where should I buy the weights??

and again, the initial cutting of the pvc coupling looks like some work!!

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