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Changing angle after 4 hour?

Changing angle after 4 hour?

I have read that you should change your angle after 4 hours of hanging at your primary angle. The question is should I hang just one set in another angle or even more?
This is from hanging 101, look at the bold text. I think it means just one set in another angle but I’m not sure.

You should always hang at your primary angle of attack unless:
1-You're too sore to hang at all otherwise. If 2.5lbs or some small amount of weight is too much, then you'll have to change angles. If that still causes pain, you'll have to stop hanging (take a rest day, etc)
2-you\’re doing over 12x sets or 4 hours at a single angle. You\’re 13th set should be at a different angle. Anecdotal data suggest massive diminishing returns past 4 hours at one angle.
3-You've maximized gains at that angle (you go a month or two with no gains at the angle), and you're switching to a new angle.

Wow 4 hours !

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