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Change hanging angle

Change hanging angle

Hey guys,

Last few months I haven’t gained anything with my current routine.In fact my enthusiasm just went away and now I hardly do 1 or 2 sets 1-3 times a week.I was thinking , since I haven’t seen any gains, to change my hanging angle to higher one.My LOT is 7 30 , my current way of hanging is with a stick on my legs while being on a chair. So my idea is to do something like OST hanging due to my low LOT, something like this OTSbackpack1.JPG. So what do you think?


Started september 2004: BPEL 6,1" and EG 5,1" September 2006: BPEL 7,5" and EG 5,5" My longterm goal: BPEL 8,5" and EG 6"

Wow, that is quite an ingenious set-up. If you have the luxury of sitting down for a time each day, why not consider a chair with a high back—higher than your shoulders I mean. Then simply attach weights and lower them gently over the chair-back, sit and stretch. There is a thread about this somewhere. Alternatively you can use a bungee cord attached to the high back of the chair, or lay down on a bed and attach the bungee to the bead-stead or the wall behind you somehow.

I’ve tried a variety of OTS arrangements- yours looks interesting. How does the load translate onto your shoulders? That is a bungee cord I assume.

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Well actually this picture isn’t mine.It is from a thread somewhere here.I can’t find it but it was discussed.

So do you think it would help me make some more gains.cause last months/ half a year I have really lost my enthusiasm?

Started september 2004: BPEL 6,1" and EG 5,1" September 2006: BPEL 7,5" and EG 5,5" My longterm goal: BPEL 8,5" and EG 6"

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