Caution all first time hangers

I took Bib’s advice and read his web page instructions (again) and low and behold I discovered that I was doing it WRONG!

I am pretty good mechanically and had viewed the BH a good month ago both on his site and a pictures posted by Thunder. For some reason I had it in my mind that the BH attached by having one “finger” of the clamp on top of my dick and the other on the bottom… WRONG… the hinge gap should be underneath and the single adjustment screw on top. Thank God I didn’t injure the nerve. Seems like a MAJOR concern with many do-it-yourself-er home made hanger designs.

Now, with the hanger attached properly, it is MUCH more comfortable and safe. What was I thinking? Anyway, just one more place to give this information. Maybe someone else will not make this error.

Good luck to all and be CAREFUL.

Bib, my appologies for not reading more carefully. Your site is clear if actually read :)