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Caught Hanging


Dear Iamaru !

I am really sorry for your shredder , but I had to laugh so much , just again now , especially when imagine the cloud and your reaction on it !!!

Wish you anyway a nic eday Wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

Hope you talked to your son.

What a cute thread.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Last night, I was doing my OTS thing that I just started. My wife said she needed to work upstairs so I, ever the opportunist, went to the basement to watch a movie (Terminator, Arne’s the man!) while I hang. I assumed that I would have plenty of time to hear and react, cover the evidence you know, the cowards way out…

So the movie is playing and I have the volume somewhat down so I can hear what’s happening upstairs. Well, I’m officially hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. I’m extremely functional even without them if someone is “in my face” for communicating-not the negative kind, just full-face attention. This leads to a false sense of security.

In walks my wife, who sees well but she notoriously doesn’t notice anything. I’m now scrambling to pull a blanket/pillow over my exposed parts and the Terminator is blasting everything in sight. My wife says, “Do you want some watermelon?” “Sure honey, I’ll be right up”, I reply. She says “How was your day, are you enjoying the movie, I’m working hard, heard from our daughter today, the car needs gas, when are you going to mow the grass, pull weeds, etc.” … for 5 minutes she does this. Eternity!

I’m frantic by now, amazed that she hasn’t seen this red bungee draped over the sofa with the bundle of hand weights tied to the end of it, begging to be spotted. I’m steeling myself, ready to be exposed at any second, the impending doom syndrome (“but honey, you’re fine the way you are”-I know that’s what she’ll say), and am slowly steadily unhooking, unscrewing, unwrapping, massaging, tucking back in breathing sweating freaking.

“Why don’t you cut up the watermelon and I’ll come back down to eat it” and with that, she turns around and walks back upstairs, never once glancing at the bungee.

Virtue, as they say, is it’s own reward.

I suspect she’s a crafty lady, dumb like a fox. I bet she knew & was just torturing you. :)

Originally Posted by Guiri
Just exactly how did you bring up the subject? I’ve been meaning to let my brothers in on the secret but just not come up with the right approach yet.

I don’t kow if you have told your brothers yet, but a good way might be to get a Thunder’s place T-Shirt, so when they ask what it is just give them the web address - Mission accomplished.

But don’t wear the T-Shirt in the town!!!


Having given the matter some serious thought, I think I have come up with the solution of what to say should this unfortunate( HAHAHA) situation happen again.

Grab a paintbrush and then casually say ‘Sorry you caught me painting the ceiling.’


Tried your Magic Mouth idea this morning with a tube and some old latex hose I had which just fitted nicely in the nozzle.

Man, This is amazing! My unit came out of the tube the fattest I have ever seen and felt it. Had a quick measure and was 5½” girth and a tight fit in the tube. Length didn’t seem any longer though. The head looked really wicked!

It’s amazing the vacuum that can be produced with the mouth. But I think a cable clamp is needed to hold the vacuum. I’ve seen a ball bearing used as an ‘automatic seal so I might try something on those lines.

Thanks for a great Idea, I would never have tried pumping before I saw your mention of it. But like you I’ll have to find something a bit larger


I just read Jimwants10’s story, that is honestly hilarious; I hope his not scarred for life!

Starting BPEL: 5.6-5.75 Starting MSEG: 4.1 to 4.3

I got busted hanging OTS and playing the piano.

My room mate walked in and I said “What’s up?”

I haven’t heard anything else about it. Maybe he didn’t notice?


"HALT! This is a no-turtle zone."

5/14/09 - BPEL 7.0" BPFSL 8.25" EG 4.5"

1/1/10 - BPEL 7.5" BPFSL 9.0" EG 5.0" - GOAL

i keep my door locked if im jelqing pumping or hanging

I told my lady I wanted to try hanging. After some questions, she insisted it would tear off my dick or otherwise cause injury. I insisted people pull vehicles by their dick, so I can surly swing a few pounds, plus I had done my research! After the talk and speculation, I headed to the garage to find something of a known weight. There is my “BFH”, a 5 pound short handled sledge hammer. Perfect! I cut a length of para-cord and affixed the hammer to my dick. Being much more comfortable than expected, I came back in parading around the house, swinging it foolishly, laughing, and generally enjoying the moment of victory. Afterward, I left the hammer in para-cord bondage laying on my work bench. A good friend and I were in the garage the next day and I could see him pondering why my hammer was in such condition. He finally glances at the hammer and says “Do I even want to ask?” I told him the story and after 20 years of friendship, he just laughed and said he expected worse. So my pal goes home curious and grabs a 5 pound weight and a length of rope, attaches it and unexpectedly shows his wife his new found skill. I liked his shorter route of explaining things. *Laughing* “Ta-DAH!, look what I can do!” It went over well with everyone, we all learned something and had a good laugh.

Great stories

I began wearing a robe when I hang and sit in a chair with the robe covering it. I have had my wife come and sit next to me when I was right at the end of my 20-minute hang. There was some torture involved with sitting there hoping she stops talking and leaves!!

She does know I researched PE and tried a little but I don’t think she knows I am still at it. I am lucky as she does not have a very good long-term memory and I don’t think she has any idea I have grown almost 1.25” She just calls me Daddy Long Dong.. :)

I got caught in the gym shower clamping. Guy barged in on me, saw my purpled-up dick in my hand.

I was like, Meh. Shut the curtain.

I went on clamping and jerked off afterward.

- Saul


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