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Capt'ns wench vs bib hanger

Capt'ns wench vs bib hanger

So I’ve been hanging with a wench for about 2 months now. Just got to 10 lbs. I’m thinking of getting a bib. How is one better than the other?

Began 9/12/12 BPEL 5.0 El 4.75 BPSFL 5.5 MEG 5.0 BEG 5.25 FL 1-3 FG 4.0

Current 12/3/12 BPEL 5.625 EL 5.0 MEG 5.0 BEG 5.25 FL 2-3.5 FG 4 BPFSL 6.325

Stick with the cpt if it works for you.

Originally Posted by 8incyclops
Stick with the cpt if it works for you.

Agreed. I have used a BIB as well as the wench and i currently use either a AFB or a theraband wrap to hang with.

The BIB *(homemade) was supremely uncomfortable for me due to the nature of PVC to be flexible. The AFB however when properly applied and adjusted works great. The wench i made works good but i prefer the AFB or the theraband wrap *(using another theraband strap as the “weight”) is quick and comfy and i use it at work for short *(~15min) sets in the restroom.

I use a leather wrap and it works great. The best aspect about it is there are 4 points to secure it at which provide better support then just 1. I can send a link or picture of it for your review.

Not even close, a Bib hanger is much better. That being said the captains wench is still a great hanger for light weights and/or to see if you and hanging go well together.

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