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Captains wench device question

Captains wench device question

I’ve just finished my Captains wench PE device and I have a few questions about it.

1)How do you know if you have attached the device correctly?I mean sometimes I feel it is just stretching my skin, not the penis.
2)Sometimes it just falls off or it goes very low so it hurts me.

What should I do about these problems?

And I don’t use a cable clamp.Is it necessary?

I have read all the info about the captains wench device in here , but it doesn’t help me



I think you need to read the hangers forum a little more broadly. Especially look for threads describing wrapping and hanger attachment.

A clamp of some sort is not optional equipment with the Wench. It is required. The only time you don’t need a clamp with the Wench is when you’re using it as an ADS with just one or two pounds.

I prefer Turn-Key clamps to Cable Clamps, but either will work and be a huge improvement over nothing.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

If you are getting skin stretch feeling and it’s falling off then I would say the wench is too loose and not gripping the internal penis.

However, like MM just said, much more reading about hanging etc will be very beneficial.

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