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Can't gain length


Can't gain length

I’ve been hanging for about 3-4 months now I believe, and this is kinda disappointing. I have gained literally nothing from hanging, if not that then it’s like a very small gain, like one Centimeter. I use a vac hanger and hang mainly straight down, or with a thick pill bottle as a fulcrum, or between the cheeks, and I am wondering if I have gotten all my ligament gains and must do tunica work? Or what do you all think?

One thing I will point out is (I can’t wait for all the doubters/annoying people on here see this) I have a now slightly larger than 7” base girth and 6.5 mid shaft. I bet that plays a role but it’s still getting pulled on!

Anyway I don’t know if stats help here but I’m trying to be helpful here because so many people on this website are great.

BPEL: 7.6
BG: 7.2

Thanks again studs.

I am not a hanging expert, not even a newbie. Well, my common sense says to obtain the same gain, a 6.5” thick penis needs larger tensile force than a 5” thick penis. Try increasing the weight?

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Maybe try switching to something new like SO, or OTS?

Ironaddict, first of all, one centimeter is not a very small gain.

Concerning your problem, I would suggest the same thing as Randomgiant.

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Thanks guys. I know it’s not short, but when you’re thicker than your NBPEL, it looks stubby. Anyway I should definitely create a way to hang straight out and up by lowering my computer chair. I bought hooks but they won’t screw into my desk for some odd reason, even with a lot of force.

I have a question, but I don’t want to start a thread for this.

I think my length gain has stopped by jelqing and manual stretching permanently. Hanging is the only option remain.

For the case like me, how common is the further length gain by hanging? Is it worth the time, money and effort?

"The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth. "

---Niels Bohr

That’s usually what happens. Someone exhausts their gains from manual PE and they switch to hanging.

I think it’s worth it as long as you have plenty of time to put into it.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
I have gained literally nothing from hanging, if not that then it’s like a very small gain, like one Centimeter.

My friend, one Centimeter is not a small gain!!! It’s GREAT for many of us! Can you imagine if you gain 1 cm each 3/4 months? That would be great!!!!

Be patient my friend… This takes time.

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Asnoman, hanging/pumping are DEFINITELY more effective than the manual techniques for many. Especially after you get the hang of them both.

And G_want, thanks, but with how much I’ve invested, it seems like none. Keep in mind it is most likely smaller than 1 Cm. I’ve seen guys gain an inch is 4 months on this site.

Can you add some details about your routine, Iron?

Isn’t hanging over a fulcrum tunica work?

I think you need to adjust your angles and hang SO or OTS. You also may need more reps or weight to find results. More info would help.

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Ironaddict said it.

Guy comes on here with an 8x5 and he’s big. Guy with 6x6 is actually bigger, but it doesn’t look that way.

Yeah for sure guys, sorry about that it was late when I posted.

Okay, I am doing 15.5 lbs with the vac hanger, I just recently moved up again. I move up when I haven’t really felt a good pull for a week.

I hang probably 4-5 times a week, and it is for at least 40 minutes total, however sometimes it is up to 2 hours (not straight, I do 20-40 min sets depending on how it feels)

I should definitely try other angles but for the life of me cannot get a hook into my desk due to the texture coating the wood, it’s tough!

What about just hanging the weights over a chair or something? OTS should be easy enough too.

If you want length gains, I suggest doing longer sets (with a vac-Hang should not be a problem) with a low weigth; think like that:

5 lbs x 60+ minutes.

Higher the weight, higher the probability the your penis is becoming stronger, not longer.

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