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Can't gain length


I figured I should drop pumping pretty much altogether, and the only time I do it now is if I don;t have the time to hang or if my erections get in the way of hanging, which does not happen often.

What I do is ADS all day when inside, and hang for usually an hour. I wear the ads beore, between sets, and after.

Iron addict 69, I am a little late in joining this discussion so by now you are probably on the right track. It sound to me that you are doing too much with pumping, hanging, ADS. My suggestion is to simplify. If you want length hang, use the ADS as a backup when you cannot hang. Be consistent and regimented. If you hang for 2 hrs, stay there. Time and consistency will bring desired results. About consistency, that is every day and not the 4days a week you mentioned, you may be allowing too much time between sessions, try to never miss 2 days in a row. If you are under time constraint remember one set is better than none and it is better to decrease the weight for a session than miss the session.

Actually you’re still right on time. I have still not made any progress.It’s very exhausting.


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