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Cannot fix penis twisting in bib starter

Cannot fix penis twisting in bib starter

I’ve tried just about every size wrap and adjustment on the bib starter and I just can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve read countless different threads and came to the conclusion that I have what they call a oval shape penis. I stripped off the gel padding awhile back because I read somewhere that this may fix the twisting but am still having the same problem. I’ve watched the matter of size video on hanging and when I pulse push to build the shoulders to anchor on to it starts to form and when it gets closer to the glands it slips and sits behind the glands. I think this is because my penis twists. It looks like the similar position to where everybody else attaches their hangers but I don’t feel any resistance or the so called shoulder. I tried tightening harder when I first start feeling the shoulders build and I can get it to stay but it looks way to far high up on the shaft. I continued to doing it this way for awhile and started experiencing numbness. I wouldn’t say my penis is 90 degrees but more like 45-60 degrees. Either way I believe I am putting way too much pressure on the nerves on top of my penis and is hindering my gains. I read a old thread where somebody had modified there bib starter by taking off the hinge to create a more symmetrical hanger. I am considering doing this. I also read somewhere that if you wrap your glands along with shaft it will stop the twist. Has anybody tried these methods and has it worked for you? If these methods don’t work I’m going to try building a AFB hanger and see if that makes a difference. It has a \ / setup and it has worked for some. Most people say the problem persisted but its worth a try. I’m running out of options so if anybody has any input on how they solved their problem I would appreciate it. Thank you

There are many things that can cause your problems. Wrapping improperly, not tightening the hanger enough, not having it adjusted correctly and so on so to give you the proper guidance to correct your problem there must be important information provided.

What is your girth, what do you use for a wrap as in materials and length and width of wrap, also how far back are you starting the wrap and then where are you placing your hanger. If your wrap is too tight this will have a bearing a well. How much weight are you using and how long have you been hanging. The most important aspect of hanging is getting the wrap and hanger adjustments correct and then progressing. Many times men will try and progress without having the basics down so if you provide some more info I bet that I will be able to help.

I am new here but not to hanging or PE, I have been up to 35 lbs for sets of 20 minutes. We can get you there.

That was a big part of why almost all of my hanging back in the day was BTC. The light contact between the edge of my chair and the edge of the hanger was just enough to prevent it twisting.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Maybe you should not be too concerned that it twists for now and just get some hours in.

I have been hanging for six months now and learn something new each day.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

The only place I can build my shoulders is mid shaft so I hung there for a couple weeks at 2.5 pounds and started experiencing numbness About 3 sets a day 20 min sessions. I don’t think I could be overdoing it at that rate? If I hang behind the glans it does not feel like its sitting on shoulders. I can hang about 7 pounds this way but I don’t feel like I’m doing it right. I don’t experience any fatigue and it feels just like when you grip the head and manual stretch. Is that how its supposed to feel? My feeling came back so I will attempt it again. Is it okay to hang mid shaft or does it have to be .5 inches behind the glans? I wrap using one pass of a thin strip I cutoff of a towel and then I wrap using about 13 inches of theraband. I stretch my penis out and then begin to wrap about 1 inch behind glans. I attach 1/4 inch behind the front of my wrap. I do not spiral wrap. I may try this tonight to see if this works. When I tighten down completely the teeth are almost completely meshed. Bottom gap is slightly bigger. I will report back with a exact measurement of wrapped flacid girth.

By not spiral wrapping you will end up with a solid mass creating an edge that will dig into your glans or the shaft just behind them and this will cause numbness. You are putting pressure on your nerve bundles and causing the numbness. Are you squeezing the blood from your gains and also are you tightening the hanger again once you have a minute or so in your first set.

I would work on the wrapping first, get that corrected and then conquer the next issue. You will not get much fatigue in the beginning and I would suggest not moving up in weight or sets untill your able to do at least three sets at 5 lbs without issues. If you move up in weight but have not got your wrapping and hanging technique down you will only experience more problems, especially at higher weights.

You will probably find that with spiraling down you need to use more Theraband, don’t make your theraband too wide as that creates bulkiness. In my opinion it is better to use 20 x 1 1/2 than it is to use 16 x 2. That is just me though and there are many who do it differently. It may take a few weeks to get every thing down so stay patient and commit your first few weeks to getting things going correctly. Good luck!

I’ll be honest I didn’t finish reading your post completely cause my head is hurting, but whenever I hang my penis twists as well. I may have read your post out of context, but I mean that when I lower the weights (I use sock hanger.) , my penis will twist a solid 180 degrees, so the head is actually twisted and facing me lol, and it always does this towards the left side. I just hang and then next set I’ll switch it over to the other side :)

If you are having trouble with a hanger, I’d recommend a sock hanger!! Well it depends on your hanging level. I have been hanging with it for 1.5 months, and I’ve only gone up about 1lb. I can also say that after a 3 month newbie routine with no gains, since I started hanging on november 1st, I have gained .5” length :) Pretty sweet if you ask me! I don’t know what the range for gains are, but I have picked up that .5” gains in less than 2 months is pretty dam sweet :) Also, I don’t really think they are “newbie” gains, per se. I got my penis nice and conditioned during the 3 month program, I’m a 20 year old kid so my EQ started at 10 and hasn’t gotten any better. Obviously I noticed more frequent erections, although lately I haven’t been getting them ;\ I think it is from depression and ejaculating everyday. Because I’m depressed. Lol FML..

Sorry, but I hope my post was somehow useful/relevant

Bare knuckle.

I appreciate any input bro. Thanks. Just trying to get this thing down. Its frustrating but I will stick with it. What is a sock hanger? How would I go about making one? If things don’t get better with the bib hanger maybe I will try that. .5” in 2 months is amazing! Congrats. Is that EL?


Thanks for the advice. I tried spiral wrapping. It seemed like I got a better grip on the internals. Is the hanger supposed to be .5 inch from the glans measuring from the front of the hanger or the teeth of the hanger? How spaced out should my passes be when I spiral? My penis still twisted when I spiral wrapped. So you don’t thing my penis went numb because of the twisting? I figured because of the twist the teeth of the hanger was clamping down on my dorsal nerve.

So I did 4 sets 20 min sessions. Achieved fatigue on each set. First two sets I was able to attach the hanger about 3/4 inch to a inch behind the glans at 4.5 pounds. Next two I couldn’t get it to attach in the same spot. It ended up about .5 inch behind the glans but was not comfortable at all. I had to drop down to 2 pounds. Is that normal? It hurt at 2.5 pounds. I don’t think I did that right. Is it right regardless as long as I get it to stay .5 to a inch behind the glans?

To some extend, yes.

Riding the fatigue is when you the discomfort of one set becomes too much, in which case you lower the weight. This causes micro tears rather than macro tears. I did about 12 sets yesterday and I’m still sore from it on my first set today, causing me to lower the weight.

As far as placement goes; I find it very much depends on how warm/cold my surroundings are. As much penis gets colder I can wrap more tightly but also forcing me to move upwards a little. Fiddle around with it I’d say, as long as pressure builds on the glans and you only feel fatigue you’re good.

So I must say spiral wrapping made all the difference. I could get a lot better grip on the internals and I could properly build the shoulders to anchor onto. The only thing is when I first begin to hang the attachment is always uncomfortable and the most I could do without pain is 4 pounds but when I get about 15 min into the set it gets a lot more comfortable and I bump it up to 5 pounds and that is when I start feeling the fatigue. Usually you’re supposed to drop weight right? I’m just wondering if I still need to find that so called sweet spot to hang from. Thanks for all the help guys.

So I think the reason why it was uncomfortable was because I wasn’t pulse pushing all the way. I think I was too caught up in making sure that I get the hanger to stop in a certain spot thus forcing the hanger to attach by tightening instead of completely letting it rest on the shoulders. This is just a theory. When you guys pulse push does it eventually stop to where you can pull on the hanger with substantial strength without feeling discomfort? The only thing that makes me unsure if this is right is because I read about peoples hangers slipping and I don’t see anyway that could happen doing it this way. I actually just hung 10 pounds for 20 min. With no problems but I didn’t feel fatigue. Should I just add more weight? Is this the sweet spot people talk about?

Once the hanger locks you will find that its very difficult to pull it off.

I use electrical tape over Saran wrap and it works perfectly, but you have to work to find the “lock” spot, but once you find it its perfect.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Sorry to bump an old thread, this problem occurred to me recently and I’ve found a solution that would hopefully help others. Some I got from the solution I figured based on the hanging video tutorial. I used a cloth and then wrapped it with a theraband for my bib hanger. This is my first post, I hope this would be helpful.

1. After the wrap, clamp the bib on but don’t tighten it too much YET. Tighten to just enough so it doesn’t slip. Then during this process, see which direction the weight hangs. Like mine, it goes to my left side(looking downwards/top view) so I turn the glans counter clockwise. It really helps to squeeze the glans. If the weight goes to the right, turn the glans clockwise.

2. Once you’ve turn the glans to the desired direction, tighten the bib. If the bib is not tight enough, once you put on the weight, the bib will slide down slightly and will cause a twist to the penis. How I tighten my bib is that I tighten it strong enough so that the weight I put on will not make the bib shift downwards but not tight enough that it’ll hurt my penis. During the process of tightening, you may notice that there will a moment where if you want to tighten the bib there will be a resistance. That’s when I stop, right at that resistance.

I’ve included some illustration for the example. Sorry about the drawings being not good enough. I hope this may help your situation.

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