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can only hang in the weekend

can only hang in the weekend

I’ve made a homemade hanger and am going to hang.

Problem is, I can only hang a lot of hours(3+) in the weekends.
Maybe that on weekdays I can squeeze in 1 set of 20 min on some days.
Could I just substitute the hanging on weekdays with manual stretching for 20 min to keep the ligs in a somewhat fatigued state.
Will the weekend-hanging, and my routine in general, still be effective ?

Oh yeah, I want to do length(hang + stretch- 6 on / 1 off and girth 1 on / 1 off (jelq + uli)

going for the 8x7 !!!


I read a post somewhere by SS4jelq that suggested a stretching set to fatigue ligs in conjunction with a hanging routine. I believe he suggested and I currently use a daily 3 set JAI stretch (2-3 sec) with 15 reps and right, left, BTC positions (9 total). I precede this with 5-10min hot wrap.

I find that this helps keep ligs fatigued/re-fatigued from previous nights hanging and helps set up for hangs during the day. Hope this helps.


Bumping for more answers plz

In fact my main concern is to know if 2 days of lots of hanging time followed by 4 days of manual stretching will still do the job for good length gains ?

going for the 8x7 !!!

I can’t tell about my own experience.
But since many here did only manual stretches/exercises and gained size, I would say that your routine will be sufficient.

Greetings, JohnJohn.

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>In fact my main concern is to know if 2 days of lots of hanging time followed by 4 days of manual stretching will still do the job for good length gains ?<

We can’t answer that question. Guy X might gain from that, but guy Y (not Y Guy) might not. Why? Because we are all different, in the strength of our collagenous fibers, their ability to repair or adapt, their thickness and a whole bunch of other variables.

However, that routine looks pretty solid to me. Two days of a lot of hanging, followed by four days of manual stretching is a good second choice to a full hanging routine. We work around our personal situations. I suggest that you do a second manual stretch routine at the opposite end of the day too. So if you normally do your four stretching routines on an evening, do 5-10 minutes in the morning if you can. And piss pulls too.

Good Luck

thx guys,

I think something must be working because I’ve gained 1/8 inch in bpfsl in a week of doing this, working out 6on/1off and 2 of those days are hanging 4lbs for lots of sets of 15-20 min.

“Lots” is still relative to my situation because my skin hurts a lot because it’s getting used to this new stress.

We’ll see how it works out but this looks promising.

going for the 8x7 !!!

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