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Caffeine and warmups - ??????

Caffeine and warmups - ??????


What are your thoughts on the following in terms of EBPL gains while doing hanging routine (I want to avoid talking about flaccid gains etc.):

1) Does caffeine have a negative effect on length gains for erections? (I take lots of the stuff)

2) Is a warm-up essential. (I never do “heat” warm-up, but do my first 5-10 minutes of hanging at half my actual hanging weight).

I would love your thoughts guys.


To the best of my knowledge Japp was the first to mention this on the other board. His theory was that it shrinks flaccid size and effects jelqing because it restricts your blood vessels. I don’t think it matters for hanging. But a warm up is good. A rice sock for the first 10 minutes of the hang is good. Besides you are not wasting time because you are already hanging anyway.


When it comes to any kind of stimulant, I think it depends alot on the individual and his habits. If you take lots, and your body is very accustomed to it, the effects on erection will be minimal. Same with ephedrine from what I hear. Admittedly, I never took it long enough to see the dick effects wear off with subsequent dosages. With the warm-up, I think it largely depends on your current penis state at the time. If it’s tight and high, probably good idea to do some type of warm-up. If hanging low, fat, and loose I think one can get away without. For me, I rarely spend more than two minuts per hotwrap as I don’t really think it takes that long to heat up a vascular organ like the penis. On the other hand, I always achieve an erection prior to PE activities to get good circulation going. From what I can tell, a hot wrap does tend to eliminate discoloration and capillary bursting. groa


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