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Buying Weights for Hanging

Buying Weights for Hanging

I’m going to be traveling for the holidays and right now I’m hanging 12.5 lbs, which consists of 6 small plates. I prefer the small plates because they don’t hang as low and hit the ground when I sit.

Does anyone know where I can buy a single 10 lb plate that is as small as possible? I don’t want to try and pack and manage 6 plates as I’m sure I will need to stealth hang while I’m away.


A gallon of water weighs a little over 8 pounds. Just find a hot water bottle that holds about a gallon of water and you are set. Drain it out for travel and fill er up for hanging. :)

If you just want a 10 pound plate, go to a sports store.

I wonder if anyone has ever tried using lead shot in a container. Talk about small increments in changing weight. Lead is about 50% heavier than iron.

For lead weights, go to a salt water sporting goods store or check out BassPro Shops - look for the weights that are used for down riggers and trolling rigs. They generally have an eyelet for attaching the downrigger line and, depending how deep one needs to go, come in various weights. Typical weights start at 4 lbs and go from 4 up to say 16 lbs in 2 lb increments. They are not as cheap as sash weights or fishing sinkers. Also, check Cabela’s for cannonball sinkers. They come in sizes that range from a few ounces up to as much as 3 lbs and are equipped with an eyelet to attach a line.

Hope this helps,


I bought a couple of sledge hammers (10lb and 4lb), cut off the wooden handles and screwed in hooks. Very compact.

Interesting idea, plustwo …

google for “leather shot bag” and “S780”

steel shot in S780 size is about like #9 lead shot but so much cheaper and safe

digital scales are cheap, about 25-30 dollars would do it for a food scale

Check out diving weights (as in SCUBA diving).
Made of lead, square and compact, the one’s I use are 4 lbs each.

I taped 3 togther, ran a nylon strap thru the belt slit of the weights which is looped for my Bib S-hook to grab.
Makes for a very compact 12lb base, on which I can slide plate weight onto the belt.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Originally Posted by vkn1
I wonder if anyone has ever tried using lead shot in a container. Talk about small increments in changing weight. Lead is about 50% heavier than iron.

It takes half the space of iron and a little less than half that of pennies.

I’m not advocating lead for us, though. Compactness for our purposes is easily achieved by shape, such as the diving weights, or putting small objects into a bag of the desired shape(taller than wide?).

But I gave you the keywords to find leather shot bags and lead shot anyway, and steel shot. On the internet you can order sections cut from iron bar, make your own set of weights, say half a pound, one pound, two pounds, and do the rest with 4 lb diving weights and weightlifting plates. Then you can go up in half a pound increments. Of course you could do that with pennies, which are mostly zinc these days. $1.76 for a pound, .88 for a half pound. Pennies for half lb, lb, two lb, then 4 lb diving weight, then weightlifting plates, cheapest way to go and unbeatable for compact.

I have used lead automotive wheel balancing weights. If you can visit a wrecking yard, you can find an endless supply.

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