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Buying ADS

Buying ADS

Well, hope i’m not annoying you! But after reading I think I’ll add an ADS to my new hanging routine! Where can I get a good cheap ADS? If not cheap then just good?

A lot of guys like Monty’s PE Weights (try searching). I would wait until Monkeybar’s (a member here) new AutoADS comes out, though, before I bought anything, for comparison purposes.

Just stick to the hanging for now, in my opinion. You could try a homemade ADS, but I wouldn’t buy one yet.

ok, Thanks for all you help ParaGoomba…! In both threads!

see ya

Well What the fuck, I just ordered a penismaster..! Damn, spend a lot of money today!! 0-: Hope it works

It was supposed a supplement for my my upcomming hanging routine!

no im not expecting fast gains…! I just hate to sit and pull my dick over and over again..! Hanging seems to be more comfortable..! And the ADS, is only a supplement.. cause why not! But what you’re saying is wrong! 1/2 inch over a year and im happy! I just want SOME sort of gains..

What an ADS does is prevent you wasting time overcoming stretch losses between hanging sessions. An ADS doesn’t really add to any gains except in the fact that if you miss a heavy hanging session and your faithfully wearing an ADS you don’t have to worry about healing and toughening.

If, for instance, you gain lets say 1/2mm in a session and you can’t get back to your routine for a couple days the ADS will help you to keep that 1/2mm. If you weren’t wearing one then it is very likely that you would have to regain that 1/2mm because the healing process tends to return all tissues back their original state.

I’ve gone 3 and 4 days between sessions and in the long run the amount of gain I ultimately achieved was unchanged on a per session basis.

IOW my gains during sporadic hanging sessions was the same as a non interrupted session period.

So the ADS although not adding to your gains will, in effect, prevent losses.

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11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

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