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Buy small or big redi stretcher?

Buy small or big redi stretcher?

Im going to buy the Redi-stretcher, but it comes in two sizes, big and small. My dick is about normal big.
Can anyone tell me the one I should chose?


Not sure what “normal big” is :) but I’m 6.5” bpel X 5” base girth (4.75” mid) and the small works great for me.

I am very pleased with the redi-stretcher. I was having some problems but worked thru them (mostly because I am a new hanger).
Skin irratation/dry spot - Redi Stretcher

The only “disadvantage” of the redi-stretcher is the length. I have to sit up high to be able to hang because the unit is long. The big unit is even longer as TPS explains on the site.

The bigger R-S has the disadvantage of hitting the floor easily.

The smaller one has the disadvantage of being harder to clamp onto a straight penis (since the penis runs into the plastic part of the hanger unless you pull it “over” — hard to explain).

So it’s a tradeoff either way. Overall I’d probably recommend the smaller one unless you have a very long penis. (5+” flaccid)

i bought the small one. what you do is stretch your penis over the plastic part and attatch the hanger, once your in the hanging position it contracts by itself and is not over the plastic anymore

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