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Buy a Trac-Man or The Grip System?

Buy a Trac-Man or The Grip System?


I’m a newbie and would like any opinions on whether I should buy The Grip System or Trac-man for length gains. I tried the bib hanger but I found it very uncomfortable, although I know it works great for many on this board.



Give some more information, and maybe we can make that Starter more comfortable. Maybe the Grip or Trac-man would be uncomfortable too, and you just need to work on technique.


The BIB does have a tricky learning curve. It took me months till I coud put the thing on comfortably on the first try (almost) every time. Even 6 months after starting hanging I sometimes got all set up and had to start over from scratch. I would advise taking the time to master the BIB.

If I remember correctly the Grip is just a hi-tech ADS system, so check out ADS before buying one of those. I don’t remember how the Trac-man works. Run screaming from anything that uses a noose.

Good luck.

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hello, all you need is to experiment, be safe and do a research about bibhanger in this forum I too have problems of being uncomfortable before, it took me months to figure out how to work the udjustment nuts (adjusting the bib to my own comfort level) but I use patience and research this forum become a registered member and at the same time I just lurk around but now I am happy because I know how to adjust my bibstarter to my own comfort level.

Good luck


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