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Bundled Hanging

Bundled Hanging

Anyone tried it? Seems the only discussion on this method is from a few years back, but it seems like a logical step from bundled stretching.

Bundled hanging may be a new thing to explore. I’ve done just about every other way of hanging, but gains stopped a long time ago. Anymore, I only do a few “maintenance” hangs every other week.

Maybe I’ll try and see how it works, and report back.

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
I found OTL bundled hanging. Insane impact on the base. Crazy tugback when I kegel in that position.

Experienced hangers often said they use bundled hanging to get over a plateau. Same weight but bundles or swinging will have different impact.

Obviously you would split bundled sets in bundling left and right

That’s good to know, I did the first couple of sets bundled hanging last night. We’ll see how it goes, I’d truly like to get through this plateau I’ve been on.

I’m interested in this for girth purposes, would that be effective?

start 6x4.5 -> 7.5x6 goal

Originally Posted by 2xthevol

I’m interested in this for girth purposes, would that be effective?

Bundled Hanging and stretching us reported to be for girth too.

Makes sense as not only the longitudal tunica layers are affected but also the circular ones.

IMO it should be done before a designated girth exercise to loosen the tissue.

I’m primarily after length (over 7” right now), but girth came with hanging too. I’m not sure much more girth is going to help me as my girl says I’m already “maxed out in thickness”. I don’t want sex to be uncomfortable for her, sort of defeating the purpose of getting a larger penis, unless it’s for show at a nudist gathering :)

I started bundled stretches last week. I’m still new to PE. Almost 2 months in. I’m beginning to shop for a hanger and a pump. I’m more interested in girth than length right now. I’m 6.5” BPEL naturally. I’d like to get to about 7.5” but with 5.5-6” girth. I feel the bundled stretches before a girth session really helps my blood flow and expansion during my routine. But, I feel as a bundled hang before a pump session in the next month or so would be very beneficial!

BPEL 6.5” & MSEG 4.75”

Goal: BPEL 7.5” & MSEG 5.75”

I’m on the 4th day of bundled hanging. I am able to get in 2-4 20 minute sets per day using 10 lbs. It’s not too uncomfortable.

I’m not going to bother measuring until I get in at least 4 weeks of consistent hanging - then we’ll see.

What kind of hanger are you using? How many degrees do you rotate?

start 6x4.5 -> 7.5x6 goal

I am using a hanger I built from plans I got from this site. A search for home made hangers should turn up the plans. Instead of using pvc pipe, I used 3/4” heater hose. It works fine, even hanging over 20 lbs.

I’m turning the hanger 360 degrees to the right or left for ten minutes, then the other way for the next ten minutes for a set.

The first week of bundled hanging is completed. I was able to be pretty consistent getting 40-60 minutes hang time each day.
I also did a set of OTS hanging which I didn’t care for. Some adjustments need to made there.

Three more weeks of bundled and maybe OTS hanging, and I’ll measure to see if I’ve found any more length.

I’ll be interested to read what you find. Are you checking your girth measurements as well?

start 6x4.5 -> 7.5x6 goal

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