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Building my captn's wench

Building my captn's wench

Got all the supplies I need, although like everyone else, I’m having trouble in finding the recommended grippers.. As someone sugested I got a couple of pink erasers. These are fairly thick though - a bit over 1/2”

Is cutting it in half (thickness wise) the way to go? Because I have no idea how thick the original grippers are.

Would appreciate comments/ideas.

Image of eraser attached.

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Cutting it in half is what I did and it worked just fine.

Thanks man. They do work just fine ;)

If you have any gripping issues with the erasers, try using some small diameter radiator hose. I find the curvature of the rad hose helps with the gripping process.

The directions cap’n originally posted only mentions using one c-clamp. I find using two gives a greater grip, and better comfort.

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Hopeful2hanglow thanks for the info, so far the erasers seem to be doing the job.

I’m having a problem though, with slight cold and dark glans using a 2lbs weight.This happens right at the first set, is it normal?

You know what.everyone will tell you to be careful with the color dark,purple,blue. However your dick will never get a nice color .that’s impossible! After a while you’ will have a nice circle around your glans that even after 1 week off of hanging will fade away! I wonder if the people doing hanging have a proper girlfriend and she doesnt say anything when she sees your penis

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