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BTC SD question for BIB


I meant :buttrock:

Brazilian chicks...

Are you experienced?

Originally posted by bigblackstick
I currently use a 10 min on 5 min off scheme, which oddly enough when I run the numbers, saves me 5 mins (from the usual 20 min on 10 off) to reach one hour of hang time. Don't ask me why….

Another thing I thought of last night: Before you add weight, try adding another set. It wil probably do more for you in the long run. Peace.

Interesting… I may give this a try. I’ve been doing 20-min sets.

Originally posted by gettingfit

As I understood, if I got it right, hes putting in 6x20min sets(that would be 2 hours) and 6x10min breaks( 1hour) two time a day.
Hard work bbs!!!
I'd say there's no way you couldn't reach your goals man!! [buttrock]

Yeah, that’d bear out too…


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