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BTC - how literal?

BTC - how literal?

Got a question, how literal are all ya’ll when saying BTC?

I took it literal and have a set up where I lie horizontal on my weight bench and hang over the edge.

Works pretty well but as I am laying there last night I was wondering if I took it too literal?

It’s that literal

Start 30/06/2016 - BPEL 13cm MSEG 11,50cm

Now - BPEL 16,20cm MSEG 12,00cm BPFSL 18,00cm BPELIT 18,00cm Clamped BPEL 17,50cm

DREAM! 19cm BPEL 17cm NBPEL 14cm MSEG

I recommend a desk and a chair. You can prop your legs up on the desk and hang your butt off the edge of the chair. This way you can use a computer at the same time, or watch television. With the amount of time it takes to make gains while hanging, I can’t imagine just staring at the ceiling the whole time. If you have something else set up to address this, then please pardon my comments. You can actually be fairly productive while hanging, considering.

I sit at my computer desk. I like to multitask so it works for me. I can put my feet on the desk so I get a better stretch and it allows me to hang at a deeper angle. I took BTC literally and hang with my unit BTC.

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