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BTC Hanging, Should I stop

BTC Hanging, Should I stop

Well now when I BTC hang I now don’t feel it at all in my ligs. Will I keep gaining at all if I continue to do BTC hanging? I know you guys are going to say I should do SD hanging or OTS. But SD I have to be standing up, And OTS I just plain don’t feel the stretch at all. Any advice on how to continue my Hanging routine is appreciate. And for the information I use a bib starter. Thanks =)

I just read an old post, Where Bib said he overcame his plateau by getting his weight high enough so he didn’t have to do fulcrum hanging or anything. I guess thats what I will have to work on. I always tried to stay light as possible, But now I guess I will up the weight as much as I can and be safe

I’m not eager to see you increase the weight so fast, gone620. What weight have you been hanging?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I have got up to 12.5 pounds BTC, But what my routine consisted of was hitting fatigue through lower weights then riding that. But now that I feel absolutely nothing in my ligs, That doesn’t work anymore. Before I was using 7.5 lbs at the most. But now I have done a few sets starting at 10 lbs and I felt that like 20% as much as I first started BTC. So maybe thats a good start. I have to keep gaining guys. But I just have to PE hard and smart. I am looking for the smart part; That is what I am lacking.

Maybe it’s time for a deconditioning break.

Rock out with your cock out!

How much have you gained, Gone620?

I don’t think you should consider stopping your BTC work until your gains slow. The feeling of “fatigue” can be misleading. Sometimes guys don’t feel much even though they are continuing to stress their members. Let the ruler help you decide whether to stop.

If your gains slow, I would rather see you switch positions and use less weight, than to increase the weight in your current position. My favorite angle was SO while seated, using a pulley under my desk. I could work or surf the web while hanging.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Maybe you are right. I have gained a cemented half inch from hanging and Jelqing I guess. I think I am 6 1/8 now. Don’t know what to solely give the credit to. I would like to try giving SO a shot. Where did you buy your pulley and stuff? Actually I would really love giving that a try. I think I did a few sets of that before laying across a chair onto my bed that was level. And letting it hang in the middle space. I guess that could work right? SO definately would be more comfortable and I could search the web and play PC games and such while doing it. What I need to do is learn to do Manual stretching exercises to hit the Tunica, But man I suck at it.

I forget what the heading was, but one of the sticky posts in the hanging forum, called something like Bib has announced a new hanging technique (or something like that) shows a way to sit in a chair and essentially hang straight out (actually it’s more along a curve). I have only tinkered with it, because I find BTC easier and still feel it, but people seemed to really be excited about it.

Give that a try, but seriously, when you stop feeling things, and want to train “smart,” deconditioning, even a couple of weeks, is highly regarded as a plateau-buster. Also remember that you don’t necessarily have to “feel” anything to be making gains—it’s when your gains stop (after several weeks of continued effort) that it might be time for some kind of change.

Rock out with your cock out!

Btw - you could consider hanging SD while sitting on a chair.

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by gone620

Maybe you are right. I have gained a cemented half inch from hanging and Jelqing I guess. I think I am 6 1/8 now. Don’t know what to solely give the credit to.

My guess is that it’s the combined effects of both techniques. Why not try quitting the hanging and proceeding with a simple combination of jelqing and stretching? If your gains slow, take a couple of months off and return. Most guys plateau after a while. Although increasing the force can usually get guys a little bit more size, it also strengthens the tissues and might make them more resistant to future growth.

I really encourage the use of strategic breaks. Very, very few guys continue to gain consistently after the first 1/2 to 1”. As far as I know, Bib is the only person who claims to have done this.

Originally Posted by gone620

I would like to try giving SO a shot. Where did you buy your pulley and stuff?

If you insist, you can go to your local hardware store. All you need is a pulley and a hook. The hook screws into the bottom of your desk. The pulley hangs from the hook. You thread a cord through the pulley. Attach a weight to the back end and your dick to the front.

I recommend buying a wide pulley so you can use a bungee cord for the cord. You really should have something elastic in the path to absorb the little shocks and jolts.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

After many hours hanging BTC I installed a pulley right above me and another off about 2 meters. This allows me to sit in a chair and hang SO. I like it but have about the same results as BTC (not much).

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

My favorite angle was SO while seated, using a pulley under my desk. I could work or surf the web while hanging.

I, too, have that set up with a pulley underneath my desk while surfing the web, Modesto. However, when I switched from BTC to SO, I attempted to use a RS/DT Fulcrum, and that was a little bit too uncomfortable for me, even at lower weights. The SO with the pulley felt uncomfortable too, so then I just started doing regular ole’ SO. I am starting off my day at 27.5 lbs, then cycling down to, and staying around 25 lbs or a tiny bit less. 3 sets in the morning and usually 3 at night. My BPFSL has gained from 7.5 to 7.75-or 8 just after a hanging session. But it is regularly at 7.75. This is BPFSL, as to not get it confused with BPEL. All side, too. I like doing the regular SO because I can swivel my chair around to any direction, and not have to stay under my desk.

BTC would yield initial gains and then no more. I only do BTC and SD when I am about to add weight, just to maintain all around conditioning. I don’t get gains from it directly. That could be circular reasoning, but it’s the theory. In theory BTC and SD are only working on stretching an inch or so of base, instead of the whole length like SU.

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