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BTB while wrapped???

BTB while wrapped???

I just read a thread where Bib said he stayed wrapped between sets and did BTB jelqs while still wrapped. How did he stay wrapped if he did BTB jelq when your supposed have a 50 - 70% boner? What I mean is what are you suppoesed to do when you have boner while you have a wrap on during BTB jelqs or can you BTB jelq flacid. Im really confused can some help explain this to me.


An erection per se isn’t required for jelqing. Percentages are confusing and don’t address the difference between engorgement and level of erection.

I think he meant he had enough engorgement (blood in the shaft) to make BTB jelqing productive. Think of a very full, plump flaccid with a twinge of semi-erection. All that is needed is for the chambers to contain enough blood to push around.

That said, I prefer to unwrap between sets. Nothing says you must leave the wrap on.

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