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BTB or light jelq?

BTB or light jelq?

Quick Qustion. When taking a 10 min break after hanging are you supposed to regain circulation by jelqing BTB or just light jelqing below 50% erection or are you supposed to do both? Another this is i just read a thread that said you dont even have to un wrap you unit after hanging you can leave it wrapped and the jelq BTB and light base jelq while leaving the wrapping on. Wouldnt this cause your head to become engorged?

In my experience no jelqing is necessary between hanging sets. Some guys, in fact, advise against it, since if your penis isn’t able to “recirculate” without forcing it to (i.e., jelqing), you’re probably doing too much anyway.

I sometimes leave my unit wrapped between sets, but the recirculation of blood isn’t as effective this way. Typically I will hang a set, take a break wrapped, hang a set, take a break unwrapped, hang a set, take a break wrapped, etc… So that I only have to re-wrap every other set.

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