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Bruising at upper angles

Bruising at upper angles

Is this normal? What can help reduce the dark area behind the glands?

I’ve been using a bib starter with just theraband. Hanging 12-15lbs.

I got my worst bruising from hanging over the shoulder.

I have no advice. I just switched to straight down.

I have tried to wrap a little more further back behind the glands and it seems to help a little.

OK guys no body else has seen this problem? The bottom of my shaft below the glans is getting black. It fades some after a good nights sleep but geez, this could scare the hell out of a woman if she saw it.


That’s why I stopped hanging, it was worse when hanging over the shoulder. It’s the way the Bib squeezes I couldn’t find a way around it so I switched to the wench. The wench will not cause bruising at least with me but once you bruise it takes a major break to get rid of it.

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Well I have been hanging for over a month with this OTS and the bruising just gets worse even if I drop back in weight. I have tried several different things and nothing seems to work. The other day I noticed my glands starting to get a numb feeling on the end so I stopped. I have noticed my BPFSL increased but that’s about it for a month. I think at this point that the glands getting numb is a bad sign so after a break to let the bruising heal I’m going back to BTC and SD hanging. I might try some SO hanging but the upper angles just are not working. Having a numb and bruised cock is just not worth it.


I always absolutely hated upper angles, but bruised heavily anyhow. In my case, I loved hanging SD and BTC; when the ligs are extended past “penis support” the inner tunica was forced to take the load. By hanging SD mostly, I was sore puling upward(inner tunica) and pulling downward(Ligs), and I often felt like I was kicked in the abdomen by a mule which was very pleasurable.

Good Luck taking care of the numbness, but moderate bruising seemed unavoidable to me. On the underside of the shaft below the head, it still has a blue look and I haven’t touched a hanger since 9-04.


Upper angles weren’t a problem for me.

Has anyone tried hanging OTS with the Bib turned upside down? That, or reverse your adjustments so the bottom gap is narrow and the top wider. Try for a few sets and see what happens.

Seems strange that discoloration would be more of a problem with a different angle of pull.

I think it might have something to do with the blood supply to the glands and gravity. I just know numbness in the glands is not good.

Hey Hobby, my LOT did raise up to about 8:30 so it does work. I just wish I could have handled it longer to get my LOT up to at least 10. With an 8:30 LOT I should still have room for more lig gains again.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but how much bruising is normal? My glans gets pretty purple (but not very cold at all) after a 15 minute set SD with nearly 10 pounds. After a few sets, it looks as though the tip of my penis is wearing a “hat” from the bruising. Is this normal? I get it there because I have a fairly small head and the skin in front of the wrap starts to slip over the head. My hanger is still a bit behind the head, but part of my glans is behind a “skin shield” if that makes any sense, so only the tip of the glans and the lower part of the shaft behind it gets bruised. Should I be worried about this from an injury standpoint?

When pressure is building up in your glans it will turn purple. This comes from the hanger sliding down and pushing on the glans even though there might be skin and wrapping in between. You can use less weight or attach the hanger lower but the best thing you can do is tighten the hanger more before hanging. Also while hanging your dick will stretch some which will require additional tightening to prevent sliding down.

My Redi-Stretcher is as tight as it can go and it still slips down. I sort of have a smallish head relative to my girth. Would wrapping more tightly be a help or would it exacerbate things?

Wrapping more tightly could do it. Or wrap an extra round around your dick.

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