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Well, I have FINALLY broke through my LONG plateau! After making good gains within the 1st 3 months of starting PE… I had not made any length gains since, about a year and a half. Last month I started hanging again and have been having a MUCH better time both in comfort and reaching fatique and getting more sets in.

Bottom line, I have gained 1/4” bpfsl in the last month! Guys (and ladies!) this is 1/16” per week. 1/16” is not much in fact it is hard to be absolutely certain of 1/8” but 1/4” (making careful measurements) is undeniable. Something to consider is hair grows faster! About 1/2” per month and it grows 24/7. Growing a beard or mustache seems slow and then all of a sudden, there it is. PE is (or can be for most) slower! It is easy to become discouraged. Take it slow and take it right.

BTW, these are my first hanging gains! I have had my Bib Starter for about a year and had used it for 2 months initially but I lost motivation when I was not making gains. Truth is, even though I THOUGHT I was doing it right and THOUGHT I was hanging a lot… I wasn’t. Now I am keeping much better records and using better techniques.

Also, I realize that I MUST continue to make certain to allow the tissues to grow and the stretched tissue to retain its new length… not to mention getting MORE length!

So, don’t give up. DO take the time to LEARN how to hang properly and safely. LISTEN to the experts here and keep records.

Happy hanging!

Yep glad for ya man. I too just made some new stretched length gains. I measured yesterday morning a full 1/4” increase as well. Up from my previous stretched length of 8.25” to 8.5”. And, after only 2 weeks of hanging 3- 4 hours total time a day.


So, what exactly are you doing different than before? And what are your vitals (gains, stats, you know the drill). I am a new hanger, and would like to learn from other’s past experiences.

If you procrastinate you choose LAST


Great post. Congratulations.



Terrific News!

Try adding in some fulcrum hanging. I bet that you’ll get another 1/4 after a month.

Way to go.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks! to all of you veterans for your comments and support.

Canwood, check “Size’s” page for my stats.

As far as different goes:

Rather than worrying about how quickly I could slap more weight on (like a newbie bodybuilder) (actually I am a veteran bodybuilder)(actually, PE is definitely bodybuilding!)

I actually started much lighter, 5 pounds, and used ONLY a babysock as a wrap. This gave me a much better understanding of HOW to adjust and tighten the hanger. It was also much faster which made it more likely that I would do more sets (and I did in fact do more sets). During my previous hanging work I was up to 12.5 pounds and uncomfortable. That made every set seem endless and I was lucky to get in 1 hour of hang time 3 times a week. Actually, it seemed like I was doing MUCH more than that but realistically… that was it.

Going with just the sock and lighter weight and MORE sets allowed me to FEEL what was going on and learn to get the most out of the set and reach fatigue. During the past month I have worked 25 out of 30 days and averaged 1 hour 40 minutes per day.

When I went to 7.5 pounds I used just the sock for a while but it was beginning to get sore at the hanger attachment so I went back with the theraband. With the knowledge gained from just the sock I was able to do a better thera wrap and have gained much more comfort.

I am now hanging between 10 and 12.5 pounds with occasional 15 pound sets and even a pain free 17.5 pound set! However, it is still very possible to get fatiqued with the 10 pounds.

Excellent gains, NotEnough! I’m finding the hanger to be a learning experience, too. Currently I use only 2 folded pieces of kleenex for wrap (yes, sounds odd, but seems to be working). I found that the wrapping was quite cumbersome, and hindering my time. I may have to re-introduce the theraband at a later date, when the weight goes up (currently at 7.5)

Good to see people making great gains with the Bib Hanger!

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

way to go man! Gains are gains, whether 1/8” or 1” - congrats.

Hey NotEnough, does that 1hr and 40mins include the resting time or is that all hanging time?

EDIT - When using wrap, is it necessary to unwrap after a session? I do, but it gets annoying having to do it every time. Is this necessary?


I would usually stay wrapped for several sets in a row, until I had to take a piss or whatever.

You might learn about wrapping for increased head size, or as a precursor to extreme Ulis if you stay wrapped between sets.


Originally posted by Wanna7.5
Hey NotEnough, does that 1hr and 40mins include the resting time or is that all hanging time?

That is actual hanging time.

Congrats on your gains, I am gald you found your way, I am trying the opposite trying to push myself now, trying to hang less time but more time at max weight. I have gone down to 3 sets of 20 minutes from around total hang time of 80 minutes and added stretching.



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