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Bought the BIB, Like it a lot:

Bought the BIB, Like it a lot:

I bought my BIB about three weeks ago after rapping everything in the garage around myself. Wooo, what a relief to have something on you that feels right. It’s well made, but does take a bit of experimenting.
No kidding, tonight after a 35 minute session, 5 minutes with 7.5 lbs, 25 minutes with 15 lbs, and 5 minutes with 10lbs. I jelked for 10 minutes and I did a quick measurement with a 95% erection and I clocked in at ( normally I’m 6 1/4” nbp x 4 5/8”) and I was
6 5/8” long, I forget to measure girth.
When I was doing all the things I did like jelking and hanging with whatever in the past, I never measured more then my norm so this was really inspiring. I’ve only pe’d for about 3 months prior to getting the bib hanger.
Before I hang I usually have to put some cocoa butter on the ligs because I ususally get to sore there if I don’t. This may help the stretching.
Also I follow ( I think it was his quote) BIB’S motto of don’t fuss over how to hang, just hang it. I like just hanging off the bed .
Basically just hang baby hang. I position myself to add as much stress as I can handle, It does get a bit sore sometimes but I know it’s worth it.
I have no affiliation with anyone anywhere, but I can see the results rather quickly.
Best of luck to all of you.


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