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Bored while hanging.


Bored while hanging.

I’ve been hanging BTC and it’s boring. I lay back and just look up at the freaking ceiling. So today I went out and bought a Gameboy Advance just to have something to do while hanging. There’s only so much TIVO I can watch while hanging. I tend to do longer workouts. Usually 6 sets of 15 min.

Anybody else get bored while hanging? What do you do to past the time????

If you can, do some work, (or homework if you still go to school), read some post on thunder’s (just for motivation purposes) watch some tv (with a timer on your side, so you dont over hang), Read a chapter of a book, any book (you can read a lot in that 1:30 hour you hang ), tape some of your shows and watch them while you hang…, Dont read the newspaper in the morning, wait until you hang… well, there is some options…. its hard to do some of those BTC, but still you can try….any other ideas , guys??? :D

Fear is good for boredom. Add more weight!

And don’t watch porn!

I’m not a hanger but I’ve always thought hanging would be a good way to make me do some work, reading or research that I need to do. I find, aside from messenger, porn is one of my biggest distractions in my room, I suppose that problem would be eliminated when you have things hanging off your penis.

Oh, maybe prank phone calls? Immature, but hilarious in a lonely way.

I also get bored outta my mind. I watch TV, mostly news whild doing it.

Thal…I am curious about your BTC technique. I remember you saying you used 2 chairs to support your legs, I wish I can do that but I know the folks might wonder what I am doing with 2 chairs in my

I get pretty bored hanging myself day by day but I just try to take it easy and relax and enjoy my hanging time in the morning for a lots of sets of SO and OTS while I play emulators and video games, watch TV, read or just sit and think which is pretty slow and boring. That’s why I think to be successfull at hanging one needs to adjust his mind set and learn how to enjoy his hanging expierences while he hangs by focusing on something else entrirely while hanging pretty heavy weights. This seems to work for me, it’s pretty hard to get used to and I am still trying to get that perfect IMO mind-set for hanging but that’s what I try and time flys by and my dick is getting longer and thicker. :)

I tell ya what. The Gameboy worked pretty well. The time went faster to today then most days. See the problem is with the extreme angles of hanging doing just about anything can be very hard. Not to mention you got to be careful what you watch on TV. TV these days is filled with sex. Sex on the shows and even if your watching the news, the reporters are usually hot. CNN Rudi Baktihiar. Even if your show has no hot chicks the commercials will have sex in it somewhere.

I have a love hate relationship with hanging. Boring discomfort. Longer thicker dick. Ah check that I love it.

Funny you mention the tv filled with sex a lot of the time because I agree tottaly. I try to avoid those kind of channels for the most part when hanging just in case I go on into fantisizing mode and my dick tries to get erect while I’m hanging a weight off it. Don’t want that happen now. :P

I hang OTS or SO so I’m able to do both sitting at my desk.I read here at Thunder’s most of the time while I hang.I also check my e-mail,do my on-line banking ,or play free cell to help pass the time.I occasionally read the paper while I hang.I also usually have a sporting event of some kind on the television in the other room.I can’t see it but I can hear all the play by play.

Jumping jacks?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Dude, agme boy is fucking SWEET lol.

When I start hanging I am going to call people on the phone and imagine them freak out if they saw me.

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I surf here at Thunder`s, I am hanging while typing this.

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Back after a long break. New goals, new techniques, happy to be back.

Originally Posted by mravg
Fear is good for boredom. Add more weight!


Originally Posted by RockXP
Thal…I am curious about your BTC technique. I remember you saying you used 2 chairs to support your legs, I wish I can do that but I know the folks might wonder what I am doing with 2 chairs in my

BTC Hanging Photo

Im watching the game, having a bud.

Nah, doing university work, playing on cpu, watching tv, a mix of all 3.

Search for threads about hanging under your desk. You put a hook under the desk, and hang straight out. Do whatever you do at your desk, it works pretty well for me.

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