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Blood when hanging

Blood when hanging

Im an experienced hanger, though today when I unwrapped after my first set I have blood from the tip.

Any thoughts?

I’ve had it happen. I was hanging 12.5 pounds and got a pin hole sized cut inside my pee hole. It bled bad but was no big deal.

Weird. I think I must have temporarily crushed something?

If you don’t get any more solid advice on the reasons why or possible remedies, I’d recommend posting your question in Bib’s forum. You’d get an answer even if you didn’t buy his hanger.

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Thanks. Yes it’s a bib hanger.

It went away very quickly, I probably tightened too far before I was fully warmed up. Everything been good since.

I think you had the same issue I had. You probably had lots of pressure in the glands and got a pin hole sized cut. It happens if you don’t get enough blood out of the head and hang on the heavier side.

I didn’t even think of that, makes sense though.

I’m switching my routing though, not because of that but because I think I was getting stale and I’m liking pumping.

I love pumping and I’m now going with a hanging/ light pumping and or clamping routine. I’m hoping it breaks this plateau I’ve been at.

Sounds a bit scary, but I’d guess you likely bust a blood vessel in the urethra I’ve read other posts of this happening as well… I’m very fortunate I’m hanging 14.5lb now SD but I’ve yet to experience this, and I don’t even squeeze the blood out of my head when I hang; I contribute my glans gains to this. Kind of weird too never had a lig pop hanging.. I had 2 when I started manual stretches with the newbie routine but never any since then..

Give yourself a couple days off to let the cut or blood vessel heal and ease back into your routine over a couple days.

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