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Blood in glans?

Blood in glans?

Just a real quick question guys. I’m going to start hanging in the next week or so. I’ve seen a few posts where it says to squeeze the blood out of the glans as you’re attaching the hanger. What’s the best way to do that? A downwards jelq or something else. Also, how will i know if enough blood is out of there. Probably trial and error right? But if too much stays in, I ought to know because the head of my dick will probably look like it is going to explode. Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions that yall might have.


What are you going hang with exactly? How much weight you gloing sling off the ying yang too?


Darkening undershaft skin below the head and head pressure

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A “downwards jelq” won’t work because jelq strokes involve the shaft, not the glans. If you’re hanging completely flaccid, and you should be, then there won’t be much blood in the glans anyway. Just give it a squeeze between your thumb and first two fingers, from the end toward your body, then clamp on your hanger (this assumes you’ve already got the wrap on).

I’m gonna be hanging 1.5 -2 lbs to start. I’ve already made my wench so that’s what I’ll be using. Thanks for the help guys.


The blood-in-the-head issue will come naturally to you. You’ll know if there’s too much, and you’ll know if there’s too little. Of all the annoying problems that can arise with hanger attachment, this is among the easiest to deal with. Let us know how it goes.

Ok. Thanks alot everyone for helping me out with this.


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