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Blisters at either side of the head...any one experienced this?

Blisters at either side of the head...any one experienced this?

I recently experienced around 10 blisters on either side of the head near the opening. These are inside the skin and look like warts. I got it checked by a urologist who cleared these of being genital warts. When I hang for tunica gains, these skin coloured blisters chnage to blackish blue towards the end of a 30 minutes set. No pain or any other symptom. But I am worried I may not be doing someting wrong. I have had no gains since January this year after gaining 1 inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth. in i-1/2 years. Strated with tunica hanging since July with no gains yet. I have a LOT of 8. Any comments on this particular issue please?


Sorry to say that I have never expereinced blisters from hanging.

Occasssionally I have had fuild up just behind the glands when removing the hanger. I think mainly due to improper technique if anything but they soon disappeared with rest and better ongoing application.

I did however while pumping some years back get blister problems that wore very sore but have not been issued since I gave up pumping.

Maybe someone else will have some advice.


Mike, I don’t know what is happening. Why are you doing 30 minute sets? You shouldn’t. 20 minutes max, and 15 is better for some guys.

First, take a week or several off. I suggest a full month.

Try squeezing more blood out of the head before attaching the hanger. Tighten it several times in the first few minutes as the shaft stretches out. Properly attached, pressure shouldn’t build in the head.

OK, I think 20 minutes is the thing. I have been doing 30 minute sets for a while, and now have the blisters. Need to pull back on the throttle I suppose.

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