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Blink2000's Hanging Guide


When you finally reach the point where you suddenly feel the need to reduce the weight—that’s fatigue. You want to get to that point early in your session. If you’re hanging several sets, then the first or second set is a good time to reach fatigue. If you’re only hanging a few sets, you may want to reach fatigue during your first set.

Ok thanks blink.

Thumbs up for him who stickied this.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

Originally Posted by mister007
Thumbs up for him who stickied this.

I agree. By the way, don’t forget I wrote another guide here: Hanging 101

If you liked this guide, you might like the other one too. I wrote the guide above (that I linked to) a year or two after this original guide. There may be some overlap between the guides, but overall, they really do mostly cover different material.

First post

Hi everyone. This is my first post, but I have been doing PE on and off for many years (more off than on, I’m afraid). In the times that I have done PE, I have primarily hanged and with great success. I started at around 7.4” in erect length, and I have gotten as high as 8.5” BPEL in the past. Right now, after hanging for around 1 week, I have gotten back to 8.1625” BPEL so far, but hope to go as high as 9” BPEL. My flaccid stretch is around 8.5” max which is a nice sign of things to come. My girth post-workout is 5.75” EG. So I’m comfortably 8”x5.75”. I do want to get to the coveted 6” EG though.

My wife (who knows that I hang (I’m very confident, and have little need to be shy about it)) thinks that my short-term gains are amazing. She often comments at “how big” my dick looks with an incredulous tone, which is very welcome. But to me, it’s just my dick. Although I know that I’m larger than average, it still feels normal. This is the bitter-sweet aspect of PE from my perspective: despite my gains, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve moved much. Maybe this is why people constantly raise their goals.

Sex has been much improved. Again, from my perspective it is normal, but I really like the reaction from the little lady. It’s funny but it was harder going in before I had re-started PE and was shorter and thinner. But I think that she really responds to the size with more vaginal secretion and increased dilation. She also goes crazy as I stroke in and out (sometimes the full shaft with each pump) breathing deeply that “it feels so good”. This is great for me as I enjoy sex more if I know that she’s enjoying it. Sexual frequency has also improved.

My routine is plain hanging. I have a Captn’s Wench that I constructed and I hang 10lbs for 20min sessions, 3 - 4 times per day. The 4th hang is typically in the evening whereas the 3 are done in the morning. I typically masturbate after the first 3 sessions when it is comfortable to do so. In the shower, I do some squeezes, jelqs, or manual stretches just to stretch out the unit, but no routine in particular.

I have recently added a standing desk at home (away from work) for the general health benefits of standing rather than sitting. This makes hanging really easy. Currently, I am doing a set while typing this message! I can also read news, or watch videos online while I hang. So the act of hanging actually doesn’t take any real time at all. I simply let gravity do all of the work for me!

I’m not sure what else to say. My routine is simple, but it works for me and should be easy to maintain. I have been on-and-off, so hopefully the standing desk makes it easier to stay ‘on’ for a longer time. I’m excited to hit my goal of 9” BPEL x 6” EG, though I’m sure I’ll take the length up a bit after I do that. I can already see myself wanting 8.5” of NBPEL — that would be a functionally huge cock!

I’m glad to have found this forum, and it seems that the information is quite good. I wish all of you the best of success, and I’ll see you around the board! Peener out.

Never Scared

Very informative post. I have just started hanging about three weeks and seen some gains in BPFSL. I am uncut and still not clear after reading the many post about the fatigue, that’s my only problem to date. Again thanks for the information

Originally Posted by Neverscared
Very informative post. I have just started hanging about three weeks and seen some gains in BPFSL. I am uncut and still not clear after reading the many post about the fatigue, that’s my only problem to date. Again thanks for the information

I would personally take everything about hanging as a guideline. So when people talk about fatigue it is something to shoot for but it might not be the same thing to everyone. We all have different tolerance levels and even definitions of what fatigue means to us.

My advice is to take many pictures. Get some good starting measurements. Start a log on this forum of your progress. If you don’t feel comfortable posting your pics just hold onto them. You might want to post them one day. Keep good records of the amount of time and weight that you are using.

Slowly build up hanging time and then hanging weight. Listen to your body. Trying to push yourself to get a couple extra pounds or minutes of hanging can set you back for weeks or longer.

Now for me, I feel fatigue as this discomfort (not pain) that tells me I can’t do this for much longer. Some describe it as the moment that you start clock watching. You keep looking at that clock over and over wondering if you can last til the end of your set. At this moment if you drop a pound or two off of the total weight, you will probably notice that the feeling of “fatigue” goes away. However, in a few minutes or longer it might come back and you can drop another pound or two to again get rid of the feeling. This is what they call “riding fatigue”. You keep lowering the weight to a level that lets you hang in comfort.

Now you might decide that you are a hero and you can finish your set without dropping any weight. However, if you catch yourself gritting your teeth or some other sign of desperation, you are asking for injury, in my opinion.

Now in regards to going off of feel. After I hang, later in the day or even the next day, I get a sense of soreness in the area of my shaft spreading outwards. This is not painful. It is soreness and it even feels warm. I am guessing that it an inflammatory response to the damage I am doing. I use this as an indicator that I put in some good sets. Now this is what I feel and I have no idea if other people get this feeling.

I believe that for long term success with hanging, the mindset needs to be marathon not sprint. That is probably the mindset that is required for most form of PE and probably most things that are worth having in your life.

12/11/2013 BPEL 5 3/4 NBPEL 5 1/16 BPFSL 6 1/16 NBPFSL 5, EG Base 5 EG Mid 4 7/8 EG Below Glans 4 3/4

11/02/15 BPEL 7 1/8”, BPFSL 8 1/16”, EG Mid 5 1/4 —- Goals BPEL 7 1/2”, NBPEL 6 1/2", BPFSL 9” Motivational Resources Wanted

8/9/2014 259 lbs ---- 11/2/15 248 lbs 33.2% body fat Bhcentral's Progress Reports and Pictures

“If you don’t continue hanging (when your penis is hard, drawn back, etc), your penis will heal shorter. So hang, but keep things really light (e.g. 50%) until your tissues are healthy enough for stress again.”

When I cut back on the weight should I cut back on the time/number of sets as well?


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