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Blink2000's Hanging Guide

Thank you very much blink2000. Awesome info there.

I appreciate that.

The guide is really just a collection of notes I took when learning about hanging. A lot of it consists of information which other guides seemed to be missing (answers to questions etc).

I don’t think they will stick this though unless they decide its ‘authoritative’. I told Thunder he’s welcome to change anything in here he wants so that it can be used as a guide—

But perhaps its not in a format that’s easily changed, since a lot of it is just Q&A.

Thanks blink, good guide.

I need to revisit PE, re-study my concepts, and then I could completely re-write the guide-perhaps to include fundamentals as well. This way, instead of only being a source of information which I found too obscure, perhaps it can be a better, more well-rounded source of information.

Looks great, I will definitely go through it when I finally start hanging

Blink -

This is thread and your efforts represent a very special and meaningful body of work and you should be acknowledged for it.

Great job!!!!

Thunder I realize that the golden biscuit award has only been given out once before however what do you think???

I am waiting for his update and then we will move it to the Articles Forum. I gave up on that Golden Biscuit Award thing because of lack of participation and general bitching. This place comes with a rough crowd.

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Ah thanks, I am flattered for the 5 stars.

I’m thinking the re-write will cover old-school bib style hanging—more completely—

unfortunately, i wont be covering vacuum hanging, that’s an area i never ventured into.


I wanted to thank you as well for your effort and time, to gather up such information into one piece. It surely helps a lot. Looking forward for the re-write.

As a Vet Hanger I think Blinks work here is a real AA+. I’ll be referring people here for practical guidance.

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A great piece thank you for sharing this Blink, you are king. P

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Just an update, I have not managed to put the time in to update the guide. I think I would need to re-apply myself first, and try to figure out what kind of information is missing. That is, information which is missing, which could also be helpful to hangers.


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