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big question

big question

sorry but this is a noob question!

i surched everywhere for the words LOT, OT and so on, but i still dont know what they mean … some say that with a OT (or what ever) you can get better results (I thought it didnt depend on the angle for getting results, but now it seems to depend on???)

thx for your answers!!

(sorry for bad english)


Check out Bib’s Lot Theory 101 Thread here as written by KOG. I’m sure this will help to clear it up for you.

You may want to check out these links for more clarification. After you read through the first link,
scroll to the bottom and click on Glossary. And for quick reference, LOT stands for “Loss Of Tugback”
and OT can stand for “Over The _____” … Like, “Over The Shoulder” or “Over The Leg”

For PE FAQ & Glossary:
Penis Enlargement FAQ

For Bib’s LOT Theory:
Bib’s LOT Theory


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