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Big, fat Suspensory Lig!!

Big, fat Suspensory Lig!!

Well, my hanging is really starting to seem natural at this point. Hopefully that means productive, but we’ll see in awhile. Always checking that lil’ dude in the mirror here and there.

What I do notice is that the susp. lig is just standing out big and fat. As in, BIG and FAT! Like an engorged vein or something.

I suspect this is good? Any vet hangers comment on the way the appearance of their susp lig changed as they hanged?

Hey Buster!

I’d be surprised if it was the suspensory ligament that you are seeing, perhaps it’s just an enlarged vein. If the ligament was swollen that much it would probably be very, very sore!

Check out Grays Anatomy, maybe that will give you more clues as to what it might be.

lil1 :littleguy

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Nah, it’s the lig alright. When I pull myself when flaccid you can see it stand up some. You know how that goes <doiiiiing!>

I don’t mean to say it is obscenely swollen, but it is markedly thicker than before. It stands up now a bit through the skin, whereas before it was just barely noticeable.

I guess along with my off-center lig, I also have a uniquely reactionary lig now. What, am I a FREAK or something???!!!!?

(hmm. does this mean like maybe i’ll blow up huge like Holmes?)

Big Fat Ligs

No, not mine, but on a young man who I “spent some time with” recently. He had about 4 or 5 ligs the likes of which I have never seen, and I had to comment on them and tell him about PE and my (early) gains. I wasn’t sure if they could be lengthened or not, but he had about 7 inches anyway.

He seemed not to believe me about the benefits of PE, but —- who would believe all of this unless they have experienced it themselves?

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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I have what you are talking about, almost a mound protruding at the base.

That shows you are doing good work. Things are breaking up.

With me, this “mound” of ligs evenually with ULIs and horse squeezes after hanging
weeks, have “reshaped” my base, moving the lig move upward down the shaft.

It’s hard to explain in words.

Lately, in addition to the big protruding ligs, I do in fact have a big huge enlarging
of my dorsal vein running down my cock, whereupon it is much wider, and seems to
begin a few inches up the pubic base rather than at the bottom of the shaft. It really
looks mean and I have no idea after 2 1/2 years of PE what caused this.

It really bulges sometimes. It’s a combination of BTC intense hanging, horse squeezes,
and big time muscle building, all of which increace circulation and vein size.

I would think your sus ligs are giving way for growth.

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