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Bicycle inner tubes for wrap?

Bicycle inner tubes for wrap?

Discussion about sewing up Theraband into pseudo-condoms or sliding on baby socks makes me wonder if anyone has tried using a section of bicycle inner tube as a roll-on wrap? If you’ve tried it, did it work? What size tube did you use and what is your erect girth?

Tried it, think it sucks. Mine was 26X2 heavy duty by Tour and Trail. Lots of ridges and kinda thick. If you try, don’t forget to was thoroughly because the inside of the tube contains alot of talc-like powder. Go with silver thera, it’s much more elastic and conforms better. Bike tubes, even when cut tend to have that pain-in-ass curl to them. They also tend to crunch in a hanger because they really don’t stretch easy enough to wrap well. groa

Thanks for the feedback. I had a hunch it would be one of those too good to be true kind of things, but there wasn’t any info on the forum.

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